Monday, December 29, 2008

Power of Choice

Just a few days ago I came across a copy of this book from 1979. It is very timely for the end of the year and especially, the economic times we are living in right now.

Despite world wars, depression and other "bad times," Americans discovered more technologies and inventions during the past century, created more wealth and leisure time, and reorganized their institutions more times than any country has ever done before. With the advent of the Internet and more young people being interested in entrepreneurship, big companies loosing their market is not so much a thread anymore.
Here is an interesting link to Milton Friedman's TV series/
"Free To Choose." He has an interesting take on freedom and the economy.

J. Martin Kohe discovered that the greatest power is the POWER OF CHOICE. Mr. Kohe suggests that we were given that power by our creator regardless of our religious beliefs. We can choose to believe in goodness and abundance or we can believe in evil and scarcity.

By believing that GOD LOVES US, we have a greater power available than when we doubt that love. The power of choice (free will) is given to us at birth, it is part of our human make-up. Animals don't have choices only instinct.

We didn't decide to be born and we weren't given an owner's manual on how to conduct our lives. None-the-less, we all recognize sooner or later that we have that power of choice.

  • Be aware of the power of choice - we can run our lives on auto-pilot or make conscious choices. By learning about the law of attraction, we discover that when we have positive thoughts, surround ourselves with beautiful things, listen to harmonious music, and eat good food, we have a greater chance to lead a healthy and happy life.
  • Analyze the choices - even if we make a mistake at times, we always have another chance to do better next time. Many of our choices become habits. Habits create certain outcomes. If I don't like the outcome, I can change my thoughts and eventually my actions.
  • Act on the choices - don't just think about possibilities, just do it. Based on the outcome we can adjust and grow.
  • Learn from other people's experiences - As Victor Frankl discovered in Man's Search For Meaning, we always have a choice between stimulus and response.
  • Live by the conscious choices - once we figure out what works for us, continue them until they become good habits.

Many of us are making New Year's resolutions. Here are a few suggestions:

* Focus and expect positive outcomes.

* Instead of being afraid, be courageous (absence of fear).

* Admit when wrong and do better next time.

* Let go of yesterday's mistakes, wrong-doings, self-centered thinking. Learn from the past.

* Live in the NOW to make better choices for the future.

* Focus on dreams, ideals, possibilities and live with compassion.

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