Monday, April 6, 2009

The Perfect Business

"In many cases, word-of-mouth marketing isn't actually about marketing at all. It's about great customer service that makes people want to tell their friends about you. It's about fantastic products that people can't resist showing to everyone."
Andy Sernovitz

Robert Kiyosaki wrote many books on money and business. In his book The Business School he talks about Network Marketing which he considers an asset, not a job. He says that you must have two reasons why you would join a networking business.
Reason number one is to help yourself (follow a dream, have a passion, develop yourself, grow in leadership).

Reason number two is to help others (share your own experiences, become a mentor, teach to fish rather than just giving a fish).

If you join for only one of these two reasons, then the system will not work for you.

Here is a great video giving you more ideas:
Robert Kiyosaki - The perfect business

This past weekend I was part of a monthly seminar the TEAM puts on. The speakers were Jim and Dolores Martin from Michigan. They were employees and business owner before they joined the TEAM. Both shared with so much passion and enthusiasm about their networking experiences, their involvement with the four different aspects of the TEAM's approach:
1) Home Based Business (no commuting, tax-deductions, family centered)
2) Wellness Industry MonaVie distribution of the Juice
3) Intellectual distribution (TEAM system)
4) Internet (being the global store at your own home)
What I felt from their testimonies was their total commitment to helping other to fulfill their dream since they have already great success themselves.

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