Monday, December 28, 2009

The Healing Sound of Music

Music is truly the one universal language of mankind. Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and bonds people even thousands of miles apart.
This article is exploring some of the many applications of music and how it can help us to live happier and healthier lives.
Music helps you to tap into your most primal emotions; it can change your mood, it can help relief stress, and it can even heal your body. Whatever may be your reason to enjoy a happy tune, it can move you at the deepest level of your being. Why is music so universally binding? It is that man is more than just flesh and bones. You are a spiritual being with emotions, and you vibrate at certain frequencies. Music responds to this inner essence and brings you in balance with the tunes of nature.
There is even a very practical reason that music is called the universal language. All music is composed of just 7 main notes. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play or what part of the world you are in, the performers are still only using these same 7 notes. Music can express more than just words because the melodies and rhythm can reach the deepest part of your heart and soul. Music can vocalize the inexpressible. It is used to lament, to worship, to heal, or to make a social statement like in rap. Shamans of the past as well as healers in the present day are seeking assistance from the spiritual realm.
Music therapy is even effective on animals and plants. Studies and Kirlian photography have shown that plants and trees grow better in company of good music and show a better growth. Animals too, reflect their behavioral pattern much better when exposed to music. Masaru Emoto from Japan, proved through his photography what influences music has on water crystals and how consciousness can transform water at the molecular level.

Additionally to the different occasions for playing and listening to music there are the many different styles of music. Music is truly the one universal language of mankind. Throughout the world's history many styles have developed. Music can be divided into genres in many different ways. You can distinguish songs by musical instruments or by ethnical or geographical origin.

What kind of music is stimulating to you? What kind of rhythm is getting your juices flowing? You are never too old to experiment with new tunes. Music can truly add to the joys of life and promote healing to your ailing body.

1) Nursery lullabies
There isn’t a parent in the world, who hasn’t sung a lullaby to a fussing infant or spend the night singing to a sick child. The sounds of lullabies are sung by parents to calm their children, either to put them to sleep or to comfort them in time of upset or a nightmare. The lyrics are simple words like: Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird. Often the words don’t have a deep meaning, but the soothing sound of the music puts the baby at ease and allows you to get the needed sleep, too.

2) Kids love silly songs
Children love to sing silly songs. You sang silly songs when you were children and now your grandchildren enjoy singing funny and silly songs! Enjoy some tongue twisters or funny rhymes with any young one and he'll be your friend for life.

3) Play music while you work
Most offices or stores play music during the day. If not bring your own and enjoy your favorite tunes while you accomplish a maybe not so favorable task. Whistle why you work can also be a nice break-up during a work day.
If you want to stay healthy this winter while everyone around you is coming down with colds and flu, sing the birthday song while you wash your hands, and don't stop scrubbing until you've finished the last "happy birthday to you."

4) Play music while on a road trip
Put an end to road rage by playing your favorite music in the car. This can be during your daily commute or on a trip across the country.
I am sure you have your own favorite music list for your family road trips. It is best to choose music everybody loves and knows to sing along. Our family’s favorites are country music songs by John Denver, Allan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Celine Dion, The Judds, Josh Groban, Michael Bouble, and others like The Beatles, etc. It became almost like a ritual, we had to play these songs while driving to Grandpa’s house.

5) Play music when you are sad
Everyone has a favorite sad song or two that reminds them of a special someone or maybe just a special time in their lives. Sad songs have been around for years and are surely here to stay. Sad tunes take many people to a special memory to relive something they thought may have been gone.

In modern times, blues music can make you feel good by listening to songs about bad times.

6) Music as stress reducer
If you are looking for an inexpensive and quick stress reducer, listen to music, sing or hum your way through work or stressful situations. Music helps you relax and release stress. Have you ever been to a restaurant where they don’t play music? Playing happy music is to help you to have a pleasant experience eating. Soothing music triggers a relaxation response which can lower cortisol levels, making it easier to digest food.

Playing classical music while eating helps you eat less, digest better and enjoy your food more.

7) Music Therapy as a Healer
In the recent years a new field of therapy has develop using the healing sounds of music. The Mozart Effect has been used to raise smarter children as well as support healing patients in hospitals. They use it as pain management, to ward off depression, to ease muscle tension, or calm kids with ADD. Music therapy in its many applications allows people with emotional problems to explore their feelings. It can help to change your mood, help in solving problems, make positive changes in your mood, and resolve conflicts. Music can also strengthen communication and physical coordination skills. Or it can help those with neurological or development disorders to improve their physical and mental functioning.

8) Sing at church to praise God
Every Sunday after the church service I noticed that whatever pain I had before was not as profound. In fact, the more I put my heart into singing and really enjoying the tunes and the words, I felt carried away. Praising God uplifts your spirit and your body responds to the high vibrations of the hymns and holy songs.

9) Music during the Holidays
During the Christmas season I learned to appreciate the uniting power of Christmas music. For a whole months everybody in our family wanted to hear Christmas songs on the radio, playing their favorite CD’s, etc. Most of these songs create a beautiful atmosphere.

10) Meditate with OM
This goes more into the relaxation and meditation mode. The sound of OM or AUM is from the ancient Hindu culture and represents you to get in touch with the creator, the creation and the creative process. There are many interpretations of the origin of the sound the fact is that it really works. People of all cultures can enjoy the benefit of humming OM whenever they need a pick-up of energy because it really entrains you with the power of God and nature.

11) Music helps you to sleep better
Rather than watching the news before going to bed, put on some soothing songs.
A study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing showed that listening to music for 45 minutes prior to bedtime helped older adults sleep better and longer. It also improved the quality of their sleep.

12) Music and Dance
Music and dance are inseparable. Moving rhythmically is innate. Dance is just another form of self-expression and has existed since the beginning of humankind. Before verbal or written communication existed, humans have used movement to communicate and to help them comprehend, shape, and make meaning of their world. One could ask what was there first music or the dance? It’s kind of like the chicken or the egg? Expressing your emotions through moving your body and swaying to the music can be very healing for some people. Most dances are brought to us through their ethnical heritage like the famous latin dances like cha-cha-cha, rumba, and tango, or the even more famous waltz. But even modern dances have their specific music composed for swing dance, twist, and hip hop.
All of them demonstrate a deep sense of expressing human feelings and emotions.

Listening to your favorite songs or music transports you to happy memories, and happy days, and more happy days that are yet to come.


Media said...

Story Idea: Good Vibrations - "Hang" Musician discovers power of Vibrational Harmonics

Dear RaySolution,

I was very intrigued by your post about the "Healing Sound of Music". I would like to submit a complimentary follow up information / article to support your piece. I am happy to send you a finished story to your specifications or simply, my abstract for you to include in your own article.

I have been working with Matt Venuti, a San Francisco-based composer and musician. He's a talented multi-instrumentalist who has for the past few years focused on one of the first genuinely new acoustic instruments of the 21st century. Known as the Hang (meaning "hand" in Swiss, the language of the Hang's 2001 creators), it looks almost like a retro flying saucer and its melodic voice is expressed through touch. It produces beautiful music and has healing, soul-soothing energy.

Music therapy has proven useful in alleviating pain associated with overworked muscles and joints, cancer and sports injuries among other ailments. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy "can be designed to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, and promote physical rehabilitation." Several studies have demonstrated that listening to pleasing music can reduce pain and anxiety and improve physiological parameters (such as blood pressure, immunity and levels of mood-boosting endorphins) in patients following surgery or in other clinical settings. Because stress hormones can suppress our immune response, it's hardly surprising that relaxing music boosts our body's ability to protect itself from disease.

"The body is held together by sound-the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune."
- Dr. Deepak Chopra

Matt Venuti understands the healing power of "vibrational harmonics", and how the Hang has a soothing, relieving adjunct. When Matt performs live, his audiences are mesmerized (link to his Hangsoul YouTube channel He says the Hang music seems to soothe and calm people and has been a large part of his own healing process over the past year since he lost his beloved wife to cancer.

May I provide an abstract or finished piece, photos, or arrange a conversation with Matt either through email questions or by phone? I can also provide photos of Matt and/or his most recently released CD, Hangisphere.

Many thanks,
Angela James, Media Owls for Matt Venuti

RaySolution said...

Thanks Angela for sharing about Matt's music. It sounds very magic. I watched the one video link and enjoyed the mountain pictures.