Monday, January 11, 2010

Law of Growth

When we talk about the "Law of Growth" there are two different aspects we have to consider. One is to look at the law from a spiritual point of view (that includes only human beings). The other is to consider that law from the physical nature where everything pretty much runs on automatic.

According to the bible the process of creation took “Seven days.” We all know that these were not literal days of 24 hours. The account of Genesis describes how the creation developed through certain stages, with man being the highest form of creation. 2 Peter 3:8 states “…with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Even science with its theory of evolution acknowledges that species become better and more sophisticated with each generation.
In the Principle of Creation we talk about the growing period for created beings. It takes us through 3 basic stages, like a day starts with evening, night, and morning; or formation, growth, and completion.

While all creation is growing automatically through these three stages, human beings, having the highest position in the creation, and also being the mediators between the two worlds of the invisible spiritual world and the external visible world, grow through an indirect dominion first. That is their time of spiritual maturation until they understand the purpose of their existence and learn about the spiritual nature of the universe and their eternal life in the spiritual world, when they enter into a realm of God’s direct dominion.

During the time in the realm of indirect dominion, man is governed by the law of the Principle which is kind of like a rail to run our life on as a guideline. Once we master the principles of life we can live with God in the direct dominion here on earth. That is the realm where man fulfills his personal responsibility and works in obedience with God. By that time man has developed his heart and is able to love as a child, as a brother or sister and finally as a parent. In other words, the family is his training ground to get along with others, and he becomes accountable to share roles of leadership and responsibility.

That may sound very ideal but isn’t that what all religions desire? The movie “The Secret” became very popular in the past few years. Many New Agers practice the law of attraction and visualization. In “The Master Key” by Charles Haanel (1866-1949), who was a noted business man in St. Louis, wrote in 1912 that everything is vibration.

What you want has a particular vibration, and to attract it, your mind must be set to that vibration. Any delay in the law of growth is necessary because your mind has not attuned itself to the object of its desire. In other words, it does not yet believe that it already possesses that object and so it does not.
What do we mean then by attuning the mind to the vibration of the object it wishes to correlate with? We mean that your mind will determine the length of time it takes for your object to take form under the law of growth. It will take as long as it takes your mind to become totally in tune with the fact that you already own the object.

Again, because of this individualization of the law of attraction based on the mind's ability to believe, there can be no hard and fast laws as to how long a length of time from starting until finishing will be.
On the other hand the law of growth for creation takes time, like when you plant a seed in the spring, you water and watch it all summer long, and finally in the fall you will be able to harvest.

Once we enter in the realm of direct dominion, we will be in total communication with God and the spiritual realm, and have access to the abundance of the universe as well as feel the obligation which comes with that kind of insight.

In his book “You can Create Your Own Miracles,” Napoleon Hill dedicates two chapters to the law of growth, one in regard to change and one in regard to struggle. He relates that the law of growth through change is a miracle because it provides man with progress. Our civilizations have developed through the ages by adopting through wars, epidemics of diseases, drought, and other irresistible forces of nature which forces man to free himself from the effects of his follies and start all over again.

“In everything and everyone the law of growth is through eternal change.” ~ Napoleon Hill.

What is that purpose of the law of change? It is man’s education to force us to develop our mind-powers and the resources of our heart.
The same goes with the law of growth through struggle. Struggle is necessary for growth because strength, both physical and spiritual, is the product of struggle. Think of exercising your muscles everyday and you’ll have strong arms, legs and a strong body. Without the exercise, the muscles atrophy and eventually, your body can’t function properly.
By keeping everything in nature flow, growth can occur, cells renew themselves, and the body is healthy. On a larger scale, any country where the people just accept their lot and are not willing to participate in the law of change, will perish. Man has an inborn resiliency and ability to adjust to struggle, because it is the creator’s desire, for us to become independent and self-propelled.

Through the struggle we discover our purpose and can participate with others to make the world a better place. We also develop our ability to love.

Why haven’t we done it yet? We tried it in many ways – our own ways. Let’s try it God’s way. The Process of the Creation of the Universe and Its Growing Period Napoleon Hill: You can create your own miracles Charles Haanel: The Master Key System

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