Monday, February 1, 2010

How to Write Articles for eHow

I started writing articles for eHow beginning of December 2009. At this point I am using it as another outlet to discover and learn things for myself. I am most interested in getting well right now, overcoming arthritis and some other health challenges. Since eHow also allows you to make money, I am not against that although I haven’t made anything yet.

I wrote about 30 something articles mostly about health, food and lifestyle. These are subjects I am interested in.

Here are some of the links:
How to Rebound Exercise to Avoid Osteoporosis
How to Make Oriental Salad Dressing
How to use Music for Healing
How to Enjoy Cinnamon - Spice and Frangrance
How to Stop Arthritis Permamently

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestion you have for me.

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