Monday, April 12, 2010

Decisions – Choices – Options

One of the greatest privileges out Creator gave us is that we can chose. No other creature in the universe has that option. Obviously, we are born from our parents whom we don’t choose. During the beginning of our lives we are depending on our parents, elders, families, tribes, etc. and are programmed into certain beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors.

When we finally grow up for many people it is hard to learn that our choices have consequences. And for some of us it takes years to undo what we have been taught and how we have been raised.

But once we get to know the spiritual principles which govern our lives, things become a little clearer. At one point in life we all wish we had been given an instruction manual for life. It is not put together in a book (some people believe that the bible is the book and is all we need to make it work). Life is a journey and each person’s life could be a text book. If we put together many people’s lives and compare and learn what they did right we might be getting a pretty good idea.

I do believe that there are certain spiritual principles which can help us to make better choices and can enlighten us to the point that we can be free and trust ourselves.

From those who lead successful lives we learn that it is o.k. to make mistakes. In fact, we often learn more from wrong choices than if we don’t do anything at all. Once we shed light and consciousness on our situation every circumstance become a learning experience.

Another thing successful people learn is that decisions are not always right or wrong decisions. As long as we take responsibility for the outcome, we can move on.

My decision to be happy, that doesn’t mean I’ll be happy right away. I know that I cannot depend on others or on circumstances to be happy. I am the only one, who can choose to be content, joyful or pleased. The same goes for a commitment. I am committed to a relationship no matter what. There is room for forgiveness, because I am invested 100% without any expectations in return.

That same principle goes for gratitude. Once you decide to be grateful, there is no room for complaint. - or confidence - . I decide to be confident, and it seems that the whole universe comes to your help to be confident.

The "I AM" of God is very desisive, absolute, and unchanging (see my article The nature of God).  Just remind yourself that  "I am confident, I am happy, I am grateful, etc." puts you in direct connection with your creator.  By repeating these "I am's" with deep emotions and strong intent, they will come true for you. 
If I decide to be happy, there is no need to struggle. Struggle comes from indecisions. Our inborn servo-mechanism (Maxwell Maltz – “Psycho-Cybernetics”) will guide us in the direction of our decision. As I move along, and I don’t get the desired result I am looking for, I adjust my direction until I reach the desired goal. That also goes along with the law of attraction. I just have to create feelings and thoughts which can attract the desired result.
This article is not meant to advice on how to make decisions. Rather I would like to encourage others to make a choice and if not used to learn to make choices. Being born in the sign of the Libra when I was younger I hated to make choices. It often caused me frustration and pain because I didn’t assert myself. Now I know that I can only be happy if I know what I want and go for getting it.

When we start living a responsible live, being accountable for our life and our life’s decisions, something magical happens. We start to live life on our terms and fulfill our greatest human rights.

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