Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Create World Peace?

Have you ever considered how world peace is going to take place?

According to Wikipedia world peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or peoples. World peace is a Utopian idea of planetary non-violence by which nations willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance that prevents warfare. Although the term is sometimes used to refer to a cessation of all hostility among all individuals, world peace more commonly refers to a permanent end to global and regional wars with future conflicts resolved through nonviolent means.

Surrounding the anniversary of the 9/11 event there have been many debates about terrorism, violence and other atrocities, and how we ever can get away with it. I believe that many people have good intentions, and even the politicians have peace as a noble goal.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Jewish-German-Swiss-Austrian-American Physicist.

The problem is that war (opposite of peace) was not created on the physical plane. The consciousness that created war was that of jealousy, anger, conflict and fear. Unless we can overcome these negative emotions we will never be able to create peace on earth.

It started with the spiritual fall of Eve and her premature unity with Adam. Rather than becoming mature first, our first human ancestors disobeyed God and never reached their full potential of heart. This immaturity became more complicated and magnified over the ages where greed, hatred, control over land and people took center stage, rather than spiritual growth and responsibility.  It is crucial for all women to recognize their position and let go of guilt and inferiority, and for men to practice forgiveness and allow women to take their proper place in the home.  It doesn’t help us at all to blame and accuse each other for past mistake (which we inherited from our ancestors).  Rather, we have to learn to create love, and gratitude, within ourselves as individuals and on that base create unity within the family with mutual respect and accepting each other for who we are in the sight of God, our creator.  God doesn’t judge us for our past; he has only grace and mercy for all of us.

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." 

Holy Bible ~~ John 14:27

I am sure that I am not he only one who can see a solution for peace but it is not a matter of peace talks, or world leaders deciding how to make it right.  Let's face it, we are a blame society.  And that's just within one country.  We all know that blaming the other person just doesn't work.  With some heartistic (including our heart to make decisions) awareness and taking responsibility, to apply the principles of peace which are love, gratitude, kindness, tolerance and forgiveness, we all can make a difference in our everyday life, after all,  peace is a state of mind, not something which can be achieved.  For more heart-centered living and to discover your heart's intelligence, check out:

Maybe you have heard of the 100th monkey phenomena.
The story goes like this: The 100th monkey principle stems from the story about the Japanese Islands, where researchers saw one very talented and brilliant young female (imagine that) monkey who learned how to wash the sand off her sweet potatoes, and then she taught it to her young.
After a certain number of monkeys (not exactly 100, but it's hard to pinpoint) had learned to wash their potatoes in the stream, the researchers began to see monkeys on other islands who had no communication with the original batch of monkeys begin to wash their potatoes before eating.

There is a theory that after so many people learn a concept, that it is embedded in the morphogenetic field, a level of Universal Consciousness above our perception, but available to all of us. Once that knowledge is in the M(onkey) field, it becomes "Common Knowledge" and no longer has to be struggled with. It's just "known" They call it the "100th Monkey" principle.

It may not be exactly 100 monkeys, but the principle remains the same. If there is only a limited amount of people aware of such an activity than nothing will happen. Once a certain critical mass has been reached, this awareness can be picked up by almost anyone.

“By applying proven technologies of the Unified Field to all areas of society, we can eradicate violence, disease, and poverty” — Dr. John Hagelin

John Hagelin, PhD, is the Director of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. He is also the Founder of the United States Peace Government.

There are many individuals who are promoting peace today. I found one website which suggests a Peace Day on November 17.

Here is a web page with all kinds of interesting information where you can register peace events:

Here is a link to the Middle East Peace Initiative: dealing mostly with the Middle East issues; and the link to the World Peace Day 2010.

When a person chooses to live in integrity, he is at peace with his own heart and mind.

More than depending on an organization we all can be the 100th monkey who can take the initiative to create peace. Because peace starts on the internal level, we all can be peacemakers. If we can teach our children peace principles they will grow up to be adults who are tolerant, kind and respectful to others. We have to check ourselves constantly to detect resentment, anger, and hostility and let go of these kinds of negative emotions. If terrorism is an issue, we have to consider our own inner fears of judgment and criticism of others.

The lesson for all of us to learn here on earth is to love, pure and simple. We are here to learn to love, starting in the family, in an unconditional way. This can easily translate into loving all people, disregarding of their religion, country, or ethnic background. I believe it’s really one of the most important reasons we are here on this earth; to learn to develop this kind of love.

 What we are really looking for is the primary shift of consciousness that more and more people will become aware of this new reality and its heart-centered values.

Is this what some of us are expecting to happen in 2012?

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