Monday, August 29, 2011

I am Not My Physical Body

I am not my physical body, ... I am not my physical body, ... I am not...  I repeated these words constantly in my mind when I received a second total hip replacement this past Monday.  It turned out to be the best preparation I could make.  Everything went smoothly, and I am recovering now at home.

Since several years now I have been dealing with osteo-arthritis.  I first noticed that I had a weakness in my right hip joint.  I often had to drag my leg, lifting it into the car or bed.  I fought with all my heart and was looking for alternative approaches to prevent surgery.    After I outgrew all of my and others resources, I agreed on having surgery on the right hip.  In the meantime, the left hip also became bone-on-bone.

For most of my life my body has been very healthy and I didn’t have many problems.  I always believed that I am responsible for my health and well-being.  That’s why I studied about health, nutrition, and other alternative approaches to care for the body.  That was also the reason for my disappointment when I started to have all these joint problems.  I am aware that there underlying emotional reasons when we encounter physical troubles.  Then I came across the Emotion Code  by Dr. Bradley Nelson  I was able to release tons of emotional baggage, many of them related to finding my true identity.  It helped me enough to recover very well from the first surgery.  Since the left hip was also very worn out, I decided to have it replaced as well.  It took the support of my family and friends and a very skilled surgeon to get me through it all.

But the best help came from above, from my heavenly father, who gave me the courage and faith to understand that I am not my physical body.  If you were to see all the metal in my hips (the x-ray machine reveals it all) I am not that structurally support skeleton, I am still me.  I am a spiritual being, who is living temporarily in this physical world, learning to be responsible for myself and my lineage.  I had to learn to forgive myself for my internal behavior and many wrong habits.  I had to learn not to identify myself with my feelings or thoughts, and to experience the NOW as my only state of being.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I am on my way of recovery, again.  Isn’t it wonderful, how many times we can make a new beginning in life?

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Doris Crompton said...

Great article! It is so true, not to identify ourselves with our body solely but recognize we are eternal, beautiful,infinite beings.
Thank you for the reminder....many times we tend to forget.
All the best in your recovery,