Monday, February 6, 2012

The Great Communicator

Happy 100th Birthday, Mr. President! 
On this day February 6, 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan  our 40th President was born in Tampico, Illinois.  He was 70 years old when he became president and served for two terms.  Ronald Reagan became president during the 80s.  He faced many similar circumstances as today: slow economy, raising inflation, the thread of liberal expansion, etc.  Mr. Reagan faced these challenges with optimism, faith and belief in the ideals that made America “the shining city on the hill.”

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”
~ Ronald Reagan

The Man
Ronald Reagan’s life unfolds almost like a fairy tale.  He was an accomplished athlete, an honored veteran, a famous actor, the governor of California and finally became our nation’s president.  His greatest attributes were his affection for people; he was comfortable with who he was.  He took responsibilities for his office but didn’t take himself too serious which he showed often in telling jokes.  Through his actor’s training he projected a certain cordiality with toughness, but his faith allowed him to stay humble.  He was the eternal optimist and always spoke of a better future.

Here is a video testifying to his faith:

“Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known.”
~ Ronald Reagan

The Actor
Ronald Reagan’s film courier spanned over almost 30 years, starting in 1937-1965. He never won an Academy Award, but he did win a Golden Globe Award for Hollywood Citizenship in 1957.  He appeared in more than 50 films and became a famous movie star.  During his Hollywood years, he was a supportive Democrat which allowed him to become the president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the union of the actors.  He tried to distance the union from the Communist influence in Hollywood.  His growing aversion against Communism changed his involvement in the guild and also cost him his marriage to his first wife, Jane Wyman.  When he left Hollywood, he was a conservative Republican.  He developed a following there which eventually helped him to become the Governor of California in 1966.  His motto: A Time For Choosing.

"Every time the government is forced to act, we lose something in self-reliance, character, and initiative."
~ Ronald Reagan

The President
Ronald Reagan’s presidency began with a landslide victory predicted by an unknown New York newspaper called The News World.  Mr. Reagan had many victories as well as setback during his presidency His greatest accomplishment from my perspective were that he “befriended” the Russian president and therefore helped “to tear down this wall.”

Here is a link to his famous speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin June 12, 1987: 


His training as an actor and great communicator helped him to give many historical speeches as the president.

Through his optimism and love of the people the 1980s  became a decade of “peace through strength.”

"While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future." ~ Ronald Reagan

The Great Communicator
Mr. Reagan was often called the great communicator because of his skill of talking evocatively and using folksy tales that ordinary people could understand.  A statement that National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane made to Secretary of State George Schultz sums up best his abilities to communicate: “He knows so little, and accomplishes so much.”

I want to finish this tribute to a great president with a link to a recent documentary by Newt and Callista Gingrich, called “Rendezvous with Destiny.”

Mr. President, your legacy will not be forgotten.  You appeared on the American scene when America needed you most.  We hope and pray, that you can inspire, from the other side, another great leader during this time to step forward to lead us into a better future, somebody who also believes in “the city on the shining hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere."

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