Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day.  It was also the 25th birthday of our son Jason who just recently became a father.  Sleeping doesn’t come easily for the young family, since little Jaya is often colicky and wakes up after only short naps.  As a grandmother I don’t mind to help care for the baby during the day to give the mother a break.

I don’t know where the expression ‘sleeping like a baby’ comes from.  For some babies that has a whole different meaning.  When they are cranky and have stomach aches from gas or indigestion, sleeping doesn’t come so easily.

I also like to reflect here on the meaning of father’s day.  It hasn’t been established officially until 1972 when President Nixon declared Father’s Day a national holiday.  There were many attempts before on the state level where people requested a day to honor their fathers, mainly to complement mother’s day.

Even though we want celebrate our earthly fathers for their dedication and care for their children and raising a family we also want to honor our heavenly parent, God, on that day.  It is from Him that we have life and the purpose for living.  He determined for eternity the position of father and mother to represent Him here on the earth.  With his heavenly laws and spiritual principles he envisioned for us to live together and learn from father and mother our way of living.  With the parents as the example children grow up to become well-adjusted and happy members of the family and can make a positive contribution to their larger community.

Amazing what thoughts come to mind on a dark and cloudy day. Since it was storming with heavy rain for most of the day, we cut the cake inside.  When finally the sun came out again we had to try out the father’s day present, a new hammock. 

We proudly present father and daughter while they were napping in the cool afternoon breeze.

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Yusun said...

what a nice picture of jason and jaya! the hammock looks very relaxing... i'm looking forward to lsying in it!