Monday, July 22, 2013

The Alpha and the Omega

Today is the time when we must fulfill this fundamental relationship between God and man.  The subject and object must be one just as cause and effect are one.  Therefore, the Bible says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." (Rev.22:13 ) Within God, two are one. He is the beginning and we are the end.  He is the first and we are the last.  And the relationship between God and man is a circuit because beginning and end come together in oneness.

Peace, happiness and joy are the fruits of harmony in love. Therefore, in God's ideal of creation, He planned the relationship between God and man to be lived with harmony in love, with harmony in life, and with harmony in ideal.

Thus we know that God is subject and we are the objects.  We also know that the object is just as important as the subject.  We now want to know precisely what man's position as God's object means.

When God created man He gave him wisdom and ambition.  Wisdom gives us the power to compare, and ambition gives us the power to strive for the best.  If there are two choices before us, A and B, we will automatically compare them to determine which is better.  Our human desire leads us to choose, and our ambition does not let us rest until we have obtained ultimate fulfillment.

Let me take another analogy.  Let's say there is a most handsome man. He is not only handsome, but all-powerful and all-wise.  You would be anxious to have some kind of personal relationship with this great man.  What would you want it to be?  Would you like to be just his servant?  No, in your heart you know there is a position better than that of servant.  Would you like to be only his friend?  No, you would still not be happy.  Would you like to be only his adopted son? Will this position bring you complete happiness?  No, I don't think so.  You would still crave some closer position.  There is one relationship beyond which there is nothing more intimate.  That is to become a true son or daughter of this man.  With this relationship you will have reached the ultimate fulfillment, and you cannot desire anything more.

Why, then, do we want to become true sons and daughters? -- Because that is the position in which to receive the man's love most fully.  There is no closer or deeper relationship in human society than that between the father and son.  Once you have your father's love, you possess everything he has.  Every joy of the father, all the power of the father all skill and wisdom and ambition and desire of the father, all will then be yours. In receiving the love of a father, there is no procedure, neither paperwork nor ceremony, necessary to grant those things to a son.  The father and son are automatically one.  This principle applies among mankind, and it applies between man and God.

Excerpted from: God's Will and the World -- Rev. Sun Myung Moon -- God's Hope for Man, October 20, 1973, Washington, D.C.


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