Monday, August 19, 2013

Awareness Reveals our Purpose in Life

Awareness is becoming conscious of certain circumstances, objects or people. I am looking here for the awareness of the spiritual discovery of who we are.  It helps us to discover that we are spiritual beings who have five spiritual senses which correspond to the physical senses.  We not only have a “6th sense” as some people make us believe but have another whole set of spiritual sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.  Even if we don’t have ESP (extra sensory perception) we can develop the sensitivity just like any other skill.

When we recognize our spiritual existence, we discover a whole new dimension of our existence, one which goes beyond space and time.

What is awareness?

Awareness is a state of stillness, inner peace, centeredness (mindfulness) and oneness.  That attentiveness brings us eventually into the presence of God the Almighty.

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) in his book The Power of Awareness has a whole chapter dedicated to the “I AM.”  When we become aware of the “I AM” inside of us, we will discover who we are and uncover our true original purpose.  I wrote once before of the Law of Assumption  which is the 3rd chapter of the Power of Awareness.

John Maxwell (1947-present), author and motivational speaker on leadership, says in this blog: that you must know yourself first in order to grow yourself.

Paul Sibcy, in his book Healing Your Rift with God talks about awareness being a fundamental tool for healing our rift with God.  Awareness training begins with the understanding that the conditioned self is not our true identity.  By learning to watch ourselves—our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and actions are all too automatic—we can gradually begin to see who we truly are.  Our EGO is trapped in an automatic mechanism of defending us against anything new and different.  By watching our ego self and reeducating it about our spiritual nature and true identity, it can eventually be retrained.

The best explanation for finding our life’s purpose through awareness I found in a TED video by Adam Leipzig (1958-present), movie and theater producer, who challenges us to find our life’s purpose in 5 minutes.

He proposes to ask ourselves 5 questions:

Who Am I?

What do I do?

Whom do I do it for?

What do they want or need from me?

How do they benefit or change because of it?

Here is Adam Leipzig's video:

How to develop spiritual awareness?

Spiritual awareness can come in many different ways.  If you practice meditation or contemplative prayer you may have a break-through in your relationship to God.

It can also come when you are frustrated with life, when you are tired of being tired, or think enough is enough.  Sometimes that can give you sufficient push out of discontentment and loneliness.  When you realize that something is missing in your life, that awareness can give you plenty motivation to look for filling the emptiness inside.

Another way spiritual awareness can come, although it is not as pleasant, is through illness, some tragedy, or loss in life.  That kind of abrupt change challenges us to make changes and more than often makes us aware that we are in need of the internal support and spiritual resources which are available through a connection with the Divine. 

That kind of ‘real’ experience will transform your life completely.  That is what mystics have experienced throughout the ages.  Who knew that mysticism could be still available today?

What Is Mysticism?

"Mysticism is an immediate, direct, intuitive knowledge of God or of ultimate reality attained by personal experience. Wide variations are found in both the form and intensity of mystical experience; however, it is not dependent on the form, but solely on the quality of life that follows the experience. The mystical life is characterized by enhanced vitality, productivity, serenity and joy as the inner and outward aspects harmonize in union with God."

by: Jane Beach, Science of Mind Magazine.

There is much more to say about awareness.  I think I will explore mysticism in more detail.  What we considered mystical may as well just have been hidden from our very (internal) eyes.  Doesn’t the bible say: ‘the truth will make us free?’  We don’t have to believe any longer that we cannot explain things.  This is the scientific age and with a personal relationship to the creator of this universe, we should be able to explore things which were hidden from us before.

We are living in an age of uncertainty.  It's become fashionable to be an agnostic -- to doubt the very existence of God. When we lose our foundation, when we no longer know what and why we believe, our value begins to erode. That is the time where we have to push even harder to gain that awareness of the presence of God because S/HE is the only real source of comfort.

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