Monday, February 10, 2014

Who is Your Spellbinder?

We all like stories because they catch our attention and most of all, we can remember anything told in a story much better.

I have read several of Og Mandino’s books before.  When I found the “The Spellbinder’s Gift” in my bookshelf I realized that I hadn’t read it yet.

I started reading the book and couldn’t put it down.  It is the fascinating story of Bart Manning, a retired agent to the most famous and dynamic motivational speakers of his time.  Enjoying his retirement, Bart is faced with a peculiar person on the streets of Manhattan, who has a wake-up call for him.  It motivates him to come out of his seclusion and start to pick up his business again.

At a crowded convention, he found a new client who has a spell-binding message, and he decides to present him to the world.

In the true Og Mandino fashion, this speaker’s message contains lessons which everybody should hear.  He is a true teacher and even healer who drives home the importance of not only hearing a lesson of truth once, but he also wants to give it as a special gift to all participants to read and re-read every day.

Here are the 7-steps Assembly Instructions For Our New Life: 

1)    Separate yourself from the crowd.

2)    Live each day in a day-tight compartment

3)    Go the extra mile!

4)    Look for the seed of good in every adversity.

5)    Never neglect the little things.

6)    Never hide behind busy work.

7)    Never allow anyone to rain on your parade.

I am sure there are many more spiritual principles which one could add to this list.  But as Mr. Mandino’s messenger suggests, it is important to repeat these steps often and act upon them.  Life seems to build on steps, once we take the first, the second, the third etc. we get into a current and that flow nobody can stop anymore. 

In order to get spell-bound by the right kind of message, it needs a whole lot of focus at first.  And most of all, it needs daily reinforcement, repetition, and persistence. 

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