Monday, May 19, 2014

My Visit to a Doll Museum

Doll in the store
Like most girls growing up I played with dolls.  When my friend, living near Hanau-Wilhemsbad in Germany mentioned that there was a Doll Museum in town, I was happy to visit there.  It was truly a treat to see the Hessische Puppenmuseum.

Japanese dolls
The museum features the history of dolls, all the way from the antique clay sculptured dolls to modern dolls with wigs and beautiful clothes, including the Barbie doll.  There were also collections of beautiful Japanese dolls as well as bears and other toys and their accessories.

One can only say that the development of play toys has come a long way.  I noticed that even though toys are made for kids to amuse themselves with, many of the doll houses and things created for exhibitions are solely made for adult enjoyment. 

Miniature Department Store

I am referring to a large exhibition of the largest miniature department store in the world.  Each room had so many details and intricate things displayed that it could not be used by kids unless it would break or get messed up shortly.

Schildkroet (Turtle Mark) Dolls ands their accessories

I even found a sample of the doll I received as a present from my grandmother one Christmas.  It is one of the well-known German Turtle Mark (Schildkroet) dolls.  It was the only toy I brought with me when my family fled from East-Germany in 1961.

When I saw all the cute dolls and their accessories like stores, dishes and wagons, I was carried back to my childhood and at the same time thought of my little grand-daughters who are just starting to play with dolls.


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