Monday, September 29, 2014

Know Thyself

Know thyself (Gnothi Seauton) - It was inscribed above the entrance of the Apollo temple in ancient Greece and the Delphic maxim.  People believed that the Oracle would tell them their future and would guide them to the truth for their life.  It has always been man’s desire to ‘know thyself.’  This knowing is not based on feelings or even thinking.  It is an awareness of how ‘to be thyself.’

“If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion.”
~ Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), English Writer of Brave New World

For all of us the question is: who am I?  Who we are does not depend on beliefs, on how we feel or what we think about.  Even education can only help us discover better how to perceive the inner world.  Who we are is inborn.  New Age teachers suggest that it is all about becoming the observer of our feelings and thoughts.  It is their idea of creating consciousness by becoming aware of one’s awareness, to become self-aware.  Self-awareness is not being identified with feelings, thoughts or external circumstances because we are just observers of them, like a radio positioned on a certain dial.  Self-awareness or mindfulness (Zen) creates a window into ‘beingness,’ the ultimate essence of reality. It takes us into the NOW; it also helps us to bring the unconscious into consciousness.

"Observe all men; thy self most."
~ Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), American Founding Father

I learned of who I am from studying the Divine Principle Reverend Sun Myung Moon taught me that I am the child of God, the creator.  Living in harmony with that knowledge gives us joy.  It also lets us know, through our conscience, what we are to do; without it we are miserable.  Traditionally, people have been looking for a leader to follow.  By learning who we are, we discover the vision for our life (like a calling) and can become the pure channel of God’s love.  We also learn that God does not judge or punish us.  We rather do this to ourselves. 

"But I have no leisure for them at all; and the reason, my friend, is this: I am not yet able, as the Delphic inscription has it, to know myself; so it seems to me ridiculous, when I do not yet know that, to investigate irrelevant things."
~ Socrates

Talk to yourself
It all depends on how we talk to ourselves.  Positive affirmations help to keep a certain attitude and keep us aligned with the center. 

“I call to remembrance my song in the night: I commune with my own heart: and my spirit made diligent search.”
~ Psalm 77:6

Communication with the Divine is available to all of us.  Jesus (Lord’s prayer Luke 11:1-13) taught us how to pray and other religious teachings have introduced us to meditation.  The Buddha who has been called the “Awakened One”  has demonstrated how to be mindful and present by listening to the silence within us.

Life is Fair
I always hear people say; life is not fair.  We all come into this world in different circumstance, countries and families.  Each of us has already a history though our ancestries.  The law of Karma works for everybody the same way.  Some of us have a heavier burden than others.  None-the-less, we are here on earth to learn certain lessons and to heal our past (or that of our ancestors).

Be a victor or a victim, that’s the question. Being in the realm of abundance or scarcity, it comes down to our choice.  We may not recognize it that way, but the truth that sets us free, declares:

“The Truth that sets you free is that you can experience in imagination what you desire to experience in reality, and by maintaining this experience in imagination, your desire will become an actuality.”
~ Neville Goddard (1905-1972), spiritual teacher à The Power of Awareness

Do we believe to be ‘little me’s’, nobody loves me, we have nothing to give or others take advantage of us? It all depends on how we see ourselves.  When we gain awareness of who we are we discover the source of abundance within us, a power of endless possibilities.  The fullness of life lies right before us when we approach it with gratitude and compassion.  Everyday situations become an endless spring of giving and contribution when we step away from ‘poor me.’

The Oracle (Know thyself) - The Matrix (1999, L. & A. Wachowski)

The Essence of Knowledge
Most of us identify ourselves with the content of our lives, knowing about our lives: what we perceive, experience, do, think, or feel; our goals, ambitions, and situations.  To know ourselves in essence is to be who we are without identification of the ego.  It is not what we know about ourselves but what we know of ourselves.

We are part of long lineage who has existed for thousands of years.  Some people believe that we came into this world with a clean slate.  It has now been scientifically proven that we don’t just inherit physical DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) but also Spiritual DNA which is our divinely embedded design for personal development, spiritual identity and function.  We are here to learn certain lessons, heal relationships, and grow spiritually.  After all, we have an eternal existence, we may as well make the best of it.

“What is there other than content?  That which enables the content to be—the inner space of consciousness.”
~ Eckhard Tolle (1948), author and spiritual teacher à A New Earth
Why do we only use 10 % or whatever small amount of the human brain?  We all know that we have greater potential.  Is it because we approach the discovery from the wrong angle?  Do we have to enter the formless realm of consciousness to come in contact with the universal intelligence? By connecting with that universal intelligence we become conscious participant of our lives and can realign ourselves with the wholeness of life.

"It is a myth that we only use 10% of our human brain."

You Are Worthy
As children of the creator, God, we are worthy and have the value of all of creation.  Because of the “Fall of Man,” Satan has claimed rights to accuse man and claim us partially.  When we are listening to the voice of Satan, the loud, nagging voice we get discouraged and disempowered.  God’s voice is the small voice, imperceptible and subtle, but none-the-less there, when we create awareness and discernment.

The greatest deficiency from knowing ourselves comes from our feeling of unworthiness. Know that without you God cannot be happy.

“‘Know Thyself’ was written over the portal of the antique world. Over the portal of the new world, ‘Be Thyself’ shall be written.”
~ Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Irish Poet and Writer

The belief that we are not good enough is a product of the fear based society, and seems to have become built into our physical existence.  If we can accept that we are worthy because of the truth within us and pursue its virtues with integrity, competence and humility a whole new world of possibility will open up for us.

“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.”
~ Tao Te Ching,  Laozi (6th Century) Chinese Philosopher

We are living now at a time when we can truly know ourselves.  Never before in all of human history have we had access to so many resources and teachings.  By living mindfully in the present moment, we can be truly alive because we are in direct contact with the Divine Creator, Infinite Intelligence, and our Heavenly Parent.



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