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We Thank You, America!

Last week I wrote about America being an idea.  An idea which can also be a vision or a dream.  The American dream was not only the dream of the pilgrims but also the dream of our Heavenly Parent.  I believe that’s the reason that even though the pilgrims faced a lot of suffering and hardship along the way to establish the new colony, they also encountered many miracles.

Just recently I watched the movie: America:Imagine the World without Her.  In this documentary Dinesh D'Souza shows a very different perspective of America from what we are presented in the media.

In America: Imagine a World without Her D'Souza offers a passionate and sharply reasoned defense of America, knocking down every important accusation made by Progressives against our country.

In the book of the same title, you'll learn:
•Why it is a pernicious myth that English colonists "stole" America from the Indians or that American settlers and soldiers "stole" the southwest from Mexico.

•Why the descendants of slaves—and the successive waves of immigrants to the United States—are better off here than in their old countries.

•How America, more than any other country, is based on rewarding the enterprise and hard-work of the common man.

•How traditional American virtues sustain prosperity and freedom, and Progressive arguments about "liberation" and "justice" undercut them.

•How Progressive demagoguery about "inequality" expands the power of government and its grasp on the taxpayer's wallet.

•Why we should fear the Progressive agenda of "reform" which is in fact an agenda of totalitarian control of the state over the individual.

•Why national decline is a choice--a choice that it is still not too late to reverse.

Provocative in its analysis, stunning in its conclusions, Dinesh D'Souza's America will be the most talked about book of the year.
(Review from the America: Imagine the World without Her website.

Apparently there are historical records about the founding of this country which the liberals don’t want us to know.  Since we just celebrated Thanksgiving Holiday, let’s look at some stories which you may not have heard about:

The Truth about Thanksgiving: What They Never Taught You in School
~ Richard Schiffman

"The most creative and industrious people had no incentive to work any harder than anyone else, unless they could utilize the power of personal motivation!"
~ William Bradford, Governor of the Plymouth Plantation from 1623-1656

Or American Historian Gordon S. Wood who writes in The Radicalism of the American Revolution:
“The idea of labor, of hard work, leading to increased productivity was so novel, so radical, in the overall span of Western history that most ordinary people, most of those who labored, could scarcely believe what was happening to them. Labor had been so long thought to be the natural and inevitable consequence of necessity and poverty that most people still associated it with slavery and servitude. Therefore any possibility of oppression, any threat to the colonists' hard earned prosperity, any hint of reducing them to the poverty of other nations, was especially frightening; for it seemed likely to slide them back into the traditional status of servants or slaves, into the older world where labor was merely a painful necessity and not a source of prosperity.”

Dr. Ben Carson writes in a column for the Washington Times newspaper praising the strong beliefs of the Founding Fathers:
Those are the values that allowed a ragtag army during the American Revolution to defeat the most powerful military force on earth. They did not possess a superior fighting force or ingenious strategies, but they did hold strong beliefs, for which they were willing to die, while the British soldiers were just following orders. That same kind of conviction today can lead us to become informed voters and exercise the powers vested in us courageously.

Historically, during great cultural clashes, those with strong convictions and beliefs have overcome those with weak convictions, who have lost their identity. We are now involved in a worldwide conflict with forces that wish to destroy America and our way of life. We can capitulate to the forces of political correctness and surrender everything that made us strong and unique for the sake of not offending anyone, or we can proudly embrace the values and principles that made us great, honor our Constitution and place our trust in God. This is our best safeguard.
~ Dr. Ben Carson, American Author and retired neurosurgeon.  

I wrote about the experiences of the Pilgrims at the Plymouth Plantation in my last blog. It is astounding that none of the new history textbooks mention about the unsuccessful ‘common course’ practices of our first settlers. Once they got over their socialistic attitudes and applied themselves with the ‘can do spirit,’ they became very successful and God could bless them.

Here are some video links about the American Thanksgiving Holiday 

In the book as well as the movie Mr. D’Souza is very concerned about the future of our country.
“First, the American economy is stagnant and shrinking relative to the economies of China. Russia, India and Brazil…Second, America is drowning in debt. While China is the world’s largest creditor nation, America is the world’s largest debtor nation. At $17 trillion, the national debt is now bigger than the total sum of goods and services that America produces in a year…Finally, America is losing its position in the world.”

As one other critique summarizes D’Souza’s very compassioned approach:
Remember, when you have the facts, you argue the facts. When you don't have the facts, you argue the law, and when you don't have the facts or the law on your side, you attack the person. When you hear his opponent’s bad mouthing Dinesh D'Souza personally, you know they do not have an argument to make. This is why you hear politicians trying to turn themselves into victims of personal attacks because it serves to deflect the serious arguments being made against their policies and actions in office. Be alert, my friends. Be alert!
~ Craig Matteson, Saline, MI

Dinesh D'Souza: A World Without America

The Thanksgiving week and the approaching Christmas Holidays are a great opportunity to be grateful for our heritage and reflect on the core values of our Founding Fathers.  Gratitude is a great motivator for a course correction, especially when we can include our Heavenly Parent's input. 



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