Monday, August 3, 2015

Annuit Coeptis

The purpose of the seminar was not to give a history lesson; rather to find a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Parent, God.  During one of the session, our presenter, Ron Pappalardo, directed our attention toward some unknown events of the history of America and how the founders of our country have been depending on the input of Divine Providence.   In formulating the constitution of the United States and some other resolutions, the founders made sure that they gave honor and praise to God with emphasis on the great spirit rather than any particular religion; with focus on principles of nature and separation of powers. 

That’s why in 1782, Charles Thomson as the secretary of the Continental Congress, suggested the motto Annuit Coeptis which he took from writings of Virgil, the Roman writer.

At one point Ron asked us to take out a one dollar bill.  We all learned something about the Latin words printed on the bill and gained a deeper respect for our founding Fathers.

~ Motto Above the Eye of Providence on the Great Seal, Charles Thomson (1729-1824)  Patriot leader during the American Revolution

Here is the best translation of these ancient words:
“He has favored (blessed) our endeavors (activities).”

That was only one titbits we learned about this weekend in the seminar conducted by Ron Pappalardo.  He teaches about connections with the spiritual world and how we can all access a closer relationship with the Divine.  His approach requires humility and diligence seeking out our Heavenly Parent.

Here is a link to one other presentation Ron gave:

I was very moved by Ron’s incredible enthusiasm and passion to communicate with God and find answers to some of the deepest human secrets.


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