Monday, March 24, 2008


We just celebrated Easter. For me Easter represents the hope of a new beginning, nature reawakens after a long winter, and most of all the resurrection of Jesus.
The word resurrection means passing from death to life. The need for resurrection is the result most Christians call the Fall of Man. So resurrection does not refer to physical life. It refers to the life of man’s spirit. Therefore, Jesus resurrection also was a rebirth into the spiritual world where God and man will live forever.
How do we resurrect? There are four principles of resurrection
1 – The word of God. God created the universe by the word. Throughout history God has revealed truth to man according to our spiritual development. It is our responsibility to believe in the word of God and live by the word.
2 – We need a physical body. Our spirit is created to grow throughout our life here on earth. We need the physical body to carry out our spiritual growth. Our spiritual growth takes place by performing good actions in a positive spiritual environment.
3 – We grow through three stages. We grow from babyhood through adolescents into adulthood. Our spirit grows from a Form Spirit into a Life Spirit and finally into a Divine Spirit.
4 – Providential Age Benefit. Throughout the Ages, God had sent prophets and faithful people who helped us through their example. Through their effort of heart and sacrifice, they have expanded the foundation of the merit of the ages. In Abraham’s time a certain foundation was accomplished. Moses brought a greater truth through the Ten Commandments. Jesus brought an even greater truth through the Gospel and expanded the foundation unto the worldwide level. Even people who do not believe in Jesus and what he accomplished through his life here on earth, have the benefit of the Age.
Since each of these time periods were roughly 2,000 years, many people believe that we are in the age of the return of the Messiah today. This corresponds with many of the world religions who each are awaiting the return of their leader.
Did I say that Easter represents the hope of a new beginning? We are all looking for hope today. Let’s be watchful.

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