Monday, April 7, 2008

Change is Constant (in the Physical Realm)

Right now we are experiencing the beautiful season of spring. We let go of the heavy clothing of winter, spend more time outdoors and enjoy the longer daytime hours. We prepare different meals and think of vacation. We understand and accept the changes in our external world as normal and necessary.
What about the internal and emotional changes? Kids want to grow up badly. They can’t wait for another birthday to come along. Change is part of growing up.

Why do we resist change? In our culture we are accustomed to think of ourselves as physical beings only. In a book by Wayne W. Dyer, “You’ll See It When You Believe It,” Mr. Dyer talks about us looking in the mirror and questioning that momentarily face: Who am I?

But if we look at pictures of days gone by, we looked different. We are still the same person who smiled from that adorable baby picture; or that First-grader with no front teeth; or that teenager on his first date in a suit; or that beautiful bride in the white gown with a veil hanging down to her waste; or that young mother holding her first baby, etc. Are we the same person? Really?
Wayne’s book is about transformation. He explains how we can go beyond our form (physical), become aware of our energy nature and then take actions toward accepting responsibility for our personal growth.

I come to understand that we are spiritual human beings. Beings made of energy with infinite possibilities in thoughts, light, sounds and dreams. One of my favorite YouTube videos is of Mike Dooley: Mike makes a presentation through Toastmasters International on “Thoughts Become Things.” Mike explains how, through imagination, we can “dream” thoughts into realities beyond our wildest dreams.

We are now in the Information Age. Part of it opens up possibilities like the internet where we can learn and explore endlessly any subject or question. Even 5-year olds are learning keyboarding today in Kindergarten. Starting an education often can confront us with changes where the subjects one started studying at the beginning of one’s studies are outdated by the time one finishes and is ready to start one’s courier. This is the time were we need to become accustomed to change more than ever.

I learned that by accepting what is, any situation or difficulties comes to me for a reason. I can learn from it, watch it and decide if it takes me to fulfill my purpose or not. If the circumstance would take me further from my destination, then I have to decide against it. I always have a choice. Between the stimulus and my response there is the moment of decision. Change gives me that choice.

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly."
Henry Bergson - French philosopher

Change happens in the physical world. The only thing constant is God and His universal principles. God is unchanging, eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, beyond space and time.
Let’s replace our old ways of thinking (based only on the physical reality) with becoming the person we were meant to be. Let’s plug into the infinite reservoir of the internal universe, through prayer, meditation, studying scriptures and experimenting with our life of faith. Maybe then we can SEE IT WHEN WE BELIEVE IT.

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