Monday, June 23, 2008


* God is my Father. He loves me as I am.
* My faith teaches me that I am a spiritual being who lives eternally.
* I met my Messiah. He is alive.
* I accept myself and others for who they are.

* I know I have choices. I am in charged of my life.
* I have peace of mind because I am a peacemaker.
* I believe in mercy and forgiveness.
* I am surrounded by my family, my husband and children and their spouses.
* We live in a save neighborhood with helpful neighbors.
* My church community appreciates my spiritual and culinary contributions.
* My associates at work value my daily performance because we work as a team.
* I live in a great country where I am free to pursue my dreams.
* I am a member of Toastmasters International where we learn to speak freely in public.
* I drive a comfortable car.
* I am part of a group of great men and women building an online business.
* I feel alive because I am pursuing the truth.

These thoughts came to me this past weekend as I was participating in the first combined convention of the TEAM and MonaVie. The gathering happened in Columbus, Ohio at the Nationwide Arena. It was a very moving three days, with lots of testimonies, reports and projections for the future of these two groups now working together. We heard Dallen Larsen of MonaVie for the first time. Even though he has a big vision, he seems grounded in his ideas and enthusiasm. He loves God, his family and his business. There are so many common points of interests with the TEAM.
Our leaders are growing and the Policy Council is getting bigger. Orrin Woodward has set a high standard of accomplishment. A leadership revolution is necessary; we need people in this country with character and integrity. The TEAM provides a fertile training ground. I love the way the women support their men, but at the same time stand their own ground as leaders for their families and communities.
Go TEAM MonaVie!

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