Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunshine - Source of Your Health

I always liked the outdoors and especially the sun. The sun is the source of light, energy and warmth and is essential to all life on our planet earth. The sun determines our seasons and in ancient cultures people worshiped the sun and celebrated it's benefits. Our ancestors worked in the fields and enjoyed great health. The rays of the sun build Vitamin D in the skin, speed up the circulation, help the lymphatic system and actually stimulate the heart. Sunshine also lifts our mood and influences our attitude.

HELIOTHERAPY is promoted as ancient folk medicine and some hospitals in Europe take their patients outdoors in the morning and late afternoon to absorb the healing rays of the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun help increase the white blood count which provides immunity from infections and restoration of health.

I read an article recently: The Medical Discovery of the Century.
This Miracle Substance Protects against Diabetes... Stops Heart Disease Before it Starts... And Kills Cancer Cells on Contact. Guess what the article was coming to?
That miracle substance is none other than sunshine in form of vitamin D. The article was promoting a book by Dr. Al Sears and Jon Herring: Your Best Health Under the Sun
The book reveals some eyeopening facts about:

* Why vitamin D deficiency can DOUBLE your risk of cancer
* The seven different ways that vitamin D stops cancer...
* PLUS the 17 types of cancer that it has been proven to prevent
* How sunlight and vitamin D could wipe out the four biggest risk factors for heart disease
* Why vitamin D deficiencies are now epidemic and why certain ethnic groups are especially vulnerable, etc.
Sunshine provides one of the most natural remedies for the nervous person who is filled with anxiety, worry, frustration and stress. When these tense people enjoy sunshine, its soothing rays give them what their nerves cry out for - relaxation. As they bask in the warm sunshine, millions of tiny nerve endings absorb the magic ingredients of the solar energy and nourish the nervous system.
With some common sense we all can take advantage of this free "drug."

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