Monday, October 27, 2008

Into A New Age

Man has come a long way throughout hi(s)-story. We started out as hunter/gatherer for Tens of Thousands of years. People, in form of tribes, were roaming the earth, searching for food and opportunity. Then, for thousands of years, we settled and cultivated the land and became farmers during the Agriculture Age.

With the Industrial Revolution we entered into the Industrial Age, where we produced things and machines, and created a somewhat easier life for ourselves. This period lasted for a couple of hundred years.
We are living now in the information age which encompasses a global economy. In contrast to the industrial age we have shifted from production of physical goods to the manipulation of information. Many of our successes today come from the accomplishment and the sacrifices of people living during the industrial age.
We pretty much conquered famines, except for political gains. People have left personal properties and individual lives for the sake of finding jobs and "prosperity." We have greater life expectancy and lesser threats to our lives' safety.
With the arrival of the computer and especially the internet, we transitioned into the Information Age within just a few decades.

People are in general happier today by connecting with mental disciplines and spiritual principles and finding hope in absolutes such as: everything is energy, we are all one and of one origin. We all want peace but we resist the change to achieve it. Paradoxically, we can only grow through change.

Through the internet we have entered into a global economy. As Victor Hugo wrote more than 150 years ago: "The French revolution is for all the world. It is a battle perpetually waged for Right, and perpetually gained for Truth. Right is the innermost part of man:
Truth is the innermost part of God. What can be done against a revolution which has so much right on its side? Nothing. To love it. That is what the nations do. France offers herself, the world accepts her. The whole phenomenon lies in these few words. An invasion of armies can be resisted;
an idea whos time has come (an invasion of ideas) cannot be resisted.”
Victor Hugo, Histoire d'un Crime (History of a Crime) (written 1852, published 1877)

William G. Huitt, Ph.D wrote a very enlightening article about this transition during the past 200 years entitled: Success in the Information Age: A Paradigm Shift. He talks about the changes which took place in our economy during the past 100 years. How manufacturing has changed, and how distribution has taken over a large part of our economy. He also enlightens us in regard to training young people to get a good education in order to get a good job is not the only desirable goal. Rather, he encourages us to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and to become bigger thinkers, adjust quickly to new products, new circumstances, and be adaptable to many different jobs and work environments.

He as well as Daniel H. Pink: in his book A Whole New Mind, conclude that the real break-though came from taking a whole brain thinking approach. Daniel projects that the future belongs to the “right-brain thinkers."
We are concerned about changes like increased natural disasters, financial and political instability which has us scouting for security. By using our creativity and focus on possibilities, we can embrace any new trend, and expand our human threshold.

I suggest that we have to look inward for changes. The real change we are looking for has to come from the inside of each individual. The training system which the TEAM has developed very much supports these trends. It gives all of us the opportunity to become the best we can be by going beyond ourselves, serving others and grow and learn continuously.

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