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Blueberries are loved not only for their rich blue color but also for their taste and flavor. Some concider them as one of the Superfoods.

Scientists are now praising their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Blueberry antioxidants include flavonoids (catechin, epicatechin), anthocyanin (which gives the blue pigment to the fruit), beta-carotene, phenolic compounds and ellagic acid (ellagitannin).

The antioxidants work by defusing the harmful effects that free radicals inflict on our DNA, organs, and reproductive cells.

Blueberries contain a huge list of phytochemicals - phenolic acid, anthocyanins (the pigment that makes them blue), ellagic acid (which may inhibit tumor growth), alpha-carontene, beta-carotene (precursors to vitamin A), caryophyllene (possible anti-inflammatory), chlorogenic acid, eugenol, limonene, thymol (antiseptic and antifungal properties), catechins, tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E family), to name a few. Talk about your nutrient powerhouses!

According to the USDA Data bank, blueberries contain many vital minerals and vitamins and other compounds:
1 cup fresh blueberries contain:
Calcium 9 mg.
Magnisium 9 mg.
Phosphoros 19 mg.
Potassium 114 mg.
Vitamin C 14.5 mg.
Vitamin A 40 IU
Vitamin E 0.84 mg.
Lutein 118 mcg.
Vitamin K 28.6 mcg.

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Health Benefits of blueberries:

Improve Neurological Functions
Tufts University neuroscientist James Joseph called the "Blueberry- the brain berry." Studies have shown that blueberries are beneficial for lessening the effects of neurological sicknesses.

Prevents Cholesterol Build Up
The second healthy benefit derived from blueberries is that it prevents the build up of cholesterol and stops blood cots from forming in the body.

Improves Eyesight
The third healthy benefit of blueberries is that it can improve your eyesight and prevent age related loss of vision, as studies conducted in Europe have shown.

Urinary Tract Health
The fourth healthy benefit of blueberries is that it keeps your urinary tract healthy by stopping bacteria from lining your bladder walls.

Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
As I mentioned before, the antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent aging.

Mental Function
A June 2006 study, published in Pharmacology and Biochemical Behavior, demonstrated that supplementation with blueberries improved performance on memory tasks in mice and has a protective effect on DNA damage, likely due to the antioxidant activity of the berry’s polyphenols.

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