Monday, March 16, 2009

How Do You Worship?

My husband and I have been reading a book called EVERY DAY GOD by David and Takeko Hose. The whole book is written based on inspiration from and a personal conversation with God. In one of the chapters Beyond the Taxicab, David and Takeko, God tells them that at the dawn of history, men lost touch with their true identity, which is spiritual intelligence.
Throughout history men have been searching for their true purpose, their origin and their destiny. Religions have played the role of the taxicab to drive us closer to our destinations.
We are living now in an age where we move from group identity into an age of individual being. Mankind as a whole is at the threshold of a profound evolutionary step.

I was reading an article by Leonard Pitts, Jr. , in the Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial, asking: Are we losing our religion, or is religion losing us? Mr. Pitts, who is a Pulitzer winning columnist for the Miami Herald, discusses why we are losing our religions. He mentions an ARIS, American Religious Identification Survey, which breaks down how religions are affecting our society.

The fact is that 70% of Americans still believe in a personal God, about 12% are atheist or don't acknowledge God, and the rest believe in some higher power.

From a connection to a religion we find these statistics: 76% Christians (10% down from 1990), 4% other religions, 15 % no religions and 5% undecided or didn't want to say.

Anytime we look at statistics like these and wonder what is the world coming to? Or like Mr. Pitts, go back to the fact that God is still there and as the Hoses have discovered, God is alive and wants to have a personal relationship with us. Let's get out of the taxicab and pray like crazy, listen to the very small voice inside of us and discover that the God we have been worshiping in the churches, temples or synagogues is actually living inside of us. He wants to have a close relationship with us, love us, and raise us up to our full potential.

There is nothing wrong with finding guidance and community in a religious group. I enjoy very much my weekly gatherings at my church. I just like to open you up to a larger perspective where God can talk to us at any time and anywhere. It's time to get out of the taxicab and start walking and discover that there is another world (many different perceptions and many different answers) out there.

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