Monday, March 2, 2009

A Stimulus Package of a Different Kind

This past weekend the TEAM MonaVie held it's National Winter Leadership Seminar in St. Louis, Missouri. There were about 15,000 gathered at the Edward Jones Dome for the three-day period. Every TEAM meeting was well organized and everyone was well-mannered. Every session started with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance.

The presence of the TEAM was well noticed with WELCOME signs at the airport, the different hotels and even some restaurants.

The content of the seminar is hard to capture in any way with words.
What I took away is this: NO HAND-OUTS BUT HAND-UPS. In the spirit of: "give somebody a fish you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish you give him a skill for a lifetime."
The TEAM provides an opportunity and a proven system for not only a business but for a life style based on principles.
Since the TEAM's joining with the MonaVie company under Dallin Larsen one year ago, the goals of being HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE have taking on a new meaning.
Just in time, as a true alternative to all the economic upheaval, we offer those who want to take responsibility for their future hope and encouragement. MonaVie as a company is standing out in the networking industry, having reached within the first three years a cumulative sales volume of over 1 Billion dollars. The cooperation between TEAM and MonaVie is a real win-win solution.

Here are a few points of interest to that solution:

* Proper thinking is fundamental for success.

* Principles are more important than products or people.

* You have always choices in every situation.

* Focus on the things you have control over (you can't change the weather or the economy).

* Control media input (only allow uplifting, inspiring and motivating reading and viewing).

* Keep positive environment (we absorb with all five senses).

* Commit to a purpose.

* Focus on the dream and create a clear vision for your goal.

* Expect good things to happen.

* Serve others.

* Believe in yourself.

This video is a small insight in why we are so exited about the MonaVie biz:

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