Monday, July 27, 2009

Dry Skin Brushing

I have done dry skin brushing off and on over the years. When I did my colon cleanse last week, I was reminded that dry brushing is a good way to renew another important organ, the skin.

What is Dry Brushing?
· Dry brushing is a simple technique for skin renewal and detoxification.
· Form of massage, exfoliation, and acupressure,
· Skin brushing encourages new skin cell turn over which in turn aids the body in eliminating toxins from all the major organs via the body's largest eliminating organ, the skin.
· Helps to build immunity against bacteria, viruses and infections by cleansing the lymphatic system and stimulating the production of disease fighting immune cells.
· Can help to improve the appearance of cellulite.
· Improves the function of the nervous, digestive, and circulatory system·
· Detoxing dry skin brushing is an invigorating, inexpensive way to improve your overall appearance and health on a daily basis.

Did You Know that the Skin is:
* Largest most important eliminating organ in the body and is responsible for one quarter of the body’s detoxification each day?
* Eliminates over one pound of waste acids each day in the average adult, most of it through the sweat glands?
* Functions as our third kidney?
* Receives one third of all the blood circulated in the body?
* Is the last to receive nutrients in the body, yet the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency? Pimples, blackheads, or blotches?

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing:
1. Removes cellulite
2. Cleanses the lymphatic system
3. Removes dead skin layers
4. Strengthens the immune system
5. Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands
6. Tightens the skin preventing premature aging
7. Tones the muscles
8. Stimulates circulation
9. Improves the function of the nervous system
10. Helps digestion
11. AND it’s easy, inexpensive and invigorating!

How to do dry skin brushing
Buy a natural body brush. Find a brush with a long handle that lets you reach personal areas like your back and butt. Brush all body parts in circular motion, either starting with your feet or at the head (always brush toward your heart). It only takes a few minutes (5-15 minutes before showering). When you begin to dry brushing, you will notice your body feeling more awake and this will not only lead to more balanced skin moisture, but you will feel more energized and awake. Your skin will feel tighter and firmer with time and will feel softer, smoother and more moisturized.

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