Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Days

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I know - some of those rainy days are not so grand but they make one reflective. My personality is also melancholic, so I like reflecting very much.
Well, this Monday afternoon was one of those reflecting days. It turned out mostly that I felt so very blessed to be alive. There is nothing wrong with being grateful in fact it is the most wonderful feeling where I feel deeply connected to my creator.

I went out in my yard and enjoyed some of the colored leaves and picked some late raspberries. We didn't have any frost yet here in Ohio, therefore, everything is still blooming and green.

I love the smell of Autumn, the wet earth and the decaying matter. I love the cool breeze. This Monday we had a little drizzle, just enough to keep everything moist and alive. Because of the long summer this year, the leaves are changing slowly. We will have to wait until November to dispose of the leaves. We usually just mulch them and use them for compost or cover up the plants.

When I came back inside I was looking for some autumn theme and found this video:

Enjoy and Happy Autumn!

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