Monday, October 26, 2009

Homolateral Crossover

I met Donna Eden in the Fall of 2000 at the public lecture she gave in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the end of her presentation, she invited members of the audience to the stage. She was so thorough with each person that I was afraid that I wouldn't have a change to talk to her. But my turn came and to my amazement she told me that I was homolateral. She showed me a few moves and later, I read in her book Energy Medicine/ about the meaning of being homolateral.
It wasn't a death sentence. It means that my energies weren't crossing over and my two brain sides couldn't harmonize. It came as a clear answer to me since I had always difficulties reciting, dancing in harmony or just keep up a rhythm. The left side of my brain was dominating the right side. I did her exercises for a while and then forgot about it.

"When energy is unable to cross over, it (energy) slows down dramatically.
It begins to move in a homolateral pattern straight up and down the body
and the body's ability to heal is severely diminished."

- Donna Eden & David Feinstein, PhD

Since I haven't been well in the last few weeks and month, I have been asking myself many questions and search many alternative ways to get well. Somehow I always felt that there was still a missing link. Then I remembered Donna Eden's words and started reading "Energy Medicine" again.

She suggests in her book to do:

• 1. First it is important to make sure you are hydrated. Drink a glass of water prior to the exercise and make sure you drink at least 8 glasses a day.
• 2. Begin by tapping or massaging the K-27 points while inhaling and exhaling deeply. These are the points immediately below the Collar bone corners and tend to be quite sensitive for most people as they are Neuro-lymphatic reflex points. Immediately after tapping or massaging these points, do a full body stretch that ‘reaches for the stars’.
• 3. Next do a ‘Homolateral Cross Crawl’ by simultaneously lifting the right arm and the right leg and then the left arm and the left leg for about 12 lifts each in a deliberate and slow manner.
• 4. Then march in place, doing a normal Cross-Crawl by lifting your right arm and left leg and then your left arm and right leg for another 12 times or so.
• 5. Then revert back to the previous pattern of lifting same-side arm and legs for another 12 lifts as per point 2.
• 6. Again stop and do the Cross-Crawl exercise (lifting opposite arms and legs) for another 12 lifts.
• 7. Do these Cross-Crawl exercise sequences for about three times in a row and end the exercise by again stimulating the K-27 points.

Additionally she has the daily activity which consists of:

Five Minute Routine
Do this at least once a day, preferably night and morning, or any time when life is heading towards being too much!
1. Three thumps
2. Cross Crawl, or homolateral marching if you have right/left problems.
3. Wayne Cook both sides
4. Crown Pull
5. Spinal Flush
6. Zip up

If you can't do the regular Cross-Crawl, you can even do it while seated. Lift your knees alternately, and touching each raised knee with the opposite hand or elbow. Persons with chronic-fatigue and those who have experienced head trauma seem to benefit from regular cross-over exercise. They describe feeling more energetic, alert and clear-thinking than previously, and show improved response to other energy-work techniques.

Here are some links from Q&A sessions regarding alternative cross over techniques:
Her company website link is:

Thank you, Donna, for your priceless advice.

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