Monday, November 2, 2009

Dorn Method - adjusting the length of your legs

One thing my orthopedic doctor didn't pay any attention to or give me any guarantee that the length of my legs would be adjusted through the Hip Resurfacing operation. In the back of my mind I was always looking for a solution since my right leg had become about 1 1/2 inches longer than the left. My chiropractor had put a lift in my left shoe to correct it somewhat but it was not a permanent solution and only worked in my sneakers.
My massage therapist also worked on the trigger points of the leg muscles. Through the Dorn Method I actually discovered that it is pretty common and most of all that it is very easy to correct it.
The Dorn Method was first applied by a German layman after he had injured himself at work. Dieter Dorn followed the directions of a folks healer to get over his back pain and later developed this method into a healing modality which is now taught all over the world, mainly in Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and the Philippines, where Dr. Thomas Zudrell started a school to teach this method.

There are also ways I can help myself with this method, in fact, even after treatment with a practitioner, I have to keep up with the exercises myself to reeducate my muscles. This is important especially if the injury which caused the misalignment is an old one. It takes a while to adjust the pelvis to go back to its original place.

I took the information to my massage therapist and he applied it for me. I am working on walking without a limp.

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