Monday, November 30, 2009

What Are you Grateful for During this Holiday Season?

The image of the praying hands is familiar to most people. The original praying hands were painted by Albrecht Duerer of Germany. Both he and his brother Albert grew up in a large family. Both brothers were very talented, and since the parents didn't have money to pay for art school for their boys, they made a plan on their own. They drew a lot and it became Albrecht's turn to go to academy first and Albert went to work as a laborer in the coalmines to support both of them. After four years, they would exchange the lot and Albert were to go the art school while Albrecht would support both of them.

When Albert's time came, his hands had become arthritic and crippled and he could hardly hold a brush. In gratitude to his brother, Albrecht Duerer painted this beautiful image of the praying hands. I am reading a lot of different stories about the origin of the praying hands, still this one appeals to me because of the deep lesson of gratitude.

"In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich." ~~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer~~

Just like with prayer, gratitude can alter our state of mind. More so, it can raise our vibrational frequency to a level of higher consciousness. Being thankful is an attitude of giving. By being grateful and appreciative for everything we have, we make room for more to come.

Practice the art of gratitude:
• Say thank you more often
• Appreciate your home and the warmth of the house
• Be grateful for your family, husband, wife, children, parents, brothers and sisters, etc.
• Feel obliged to take care of your health
• Feel indebted to your creator for being here, love yourself
• Welcome new ideas and activities into your life
• Enjoy the refreshing taste of your favorite foods, dark chocolate, a cup of coffee, etc.
• Be gratified by the creation and the beauty of nature
• Make your own list for being grateful

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

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