Monday, March 15, 2010

Find Your Own Power

Unless we assume that we are physical beings only, we will contemplate our spiritual nature and start questioning: Who Am I? Why Am I here? Just by digging into these age-old questions, we find ourselves on a journey.
The spiritual quest will reveal to us our own power in ways we never expected. That’s why it is such a magical and exciting task. You don’t just stop with the basic question of Who Am I or Why Am I here. You want to know where you came from and where you are going after you leave this physical world. You will discover that faith has nothing to do with any particular religion but rather your relationship with the creator, your heavenly parent. Once you discover that relationship with your father in heaven, you will feel more powerful and inspired.

Now we are experiencing springtime. Even though the snow just melted and everything seams grey and dead, the birds are singing and declaring spring. If you look closely underneath some dead brown leaves, you will find green sprouts coming up and maybe some spring flowers. Nature is so faithful, you can depend on it, even after the longest and hardest winter, spring will come. Once the sun comes out all darkness and barrenness will disappear, and life is restored.

I belief mankind has been in a barrenness for a long time. Many people have given up on their beliefs, and either left the churches, or are just plain disillusioned. I think this maybe the greatest benefit in the turmoil in our economy. It is time for us to discover the deeper meaning in life. It is time for us to start asking questions like: Where did I come from (I don’t just mean from my mother’s womb) and Where Am I going? Questions, which will take us away from the materialism and consumerism.

Simply ... Empowered by Crystal Andrus

I hope you enjoyed this video. When you discover the infinite power within you, you are not depending on outside forces for your happiness, health, and resources. You will know that your thoughts are power, they are the beginning of your new actions. You will discern that your mind is based on principles as true and unchangeable as the laws of nature (law of gravity, law of thermodynamics, etc.).

You will realize that the true power is the Power of Belief. Your thoughts, feelings, and experiences are the seeds that you plant in your Subconscious mind which is directly connected to infinite intelligence. That means they are planted on fertile ground, and with your faith you can count on results. You have to make sure that you plant positive thoughts, passionate feelings and heartfelt experiences which can support you in the future and create a happy and successful life.

It is a matter of decision on your part. Let's plant thoughts of peace, happiness, good will, and prosperity, and you will reap the equivalent. If you want any different circumstance, change your mind first and plant better seeds.
If you want to learn more about the power of the mind, you can read "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind," or visit:


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I really enjoyed the video. As a coach, international author, and consultant, it is always good to be reminded of our true authentic, lovely, and powerful self. Thank you for sharing this with the world.