Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Get out of a Slump?

I believe that at one time or another we all have felt the “slump.” Some may call it bad mood others may describe it as a funk or just plain boredom. It is important to recognize that all of life goes through cycles, there is day and night, there is summer and winter, hot and cold and so on.

Most of us don’t think about when we have a victory to tone it down and wait for the next setback. Nonetheless, we all encounter these slumps at some time in life, as an economic slump, a writer’s block, a diet plateau, an athletic standstill or whatever it may be. I belief that there are some general steps we can take to get out of the hole.

Here is my list when you get stuck:
1. Recognize you are in a slump – keep your perspective.
Even a slump may just be a moment of low energy. After every rain, the sun will come out again. Sometimes we just have to wait it out.

2. Life goes through cycles – prepare for your next up cycle.
Experience the down emotions, stay in the presence – they will go away or you will experience a sudden anger and energy to get out of it.

3. Do something, anything – action will change your mood.
Go on a walk, do some exercise, get some fresh air and sunshine.

4. Ask for help – your family, friends or sometimes a professional can turn things around.
Talking about it with someone often makes you feel better.

5. Don’t focus on your problems or obstacles.
Think of others whose lives are in worse shape, be grateful. Do something worthwhile like serving someone or giving a compliment or if nobody is around, sing to yourself

6. Remember the good times when your life was great.
Picture yourself in the situation of success and make new goals for victory.

7. Talk to yourself in a positive way – repeat some affirmations over and over.
Create some phrases or a simple mantra like “Life is good,” or “Tomorrow is another day,” or “Inch by inch life is a cinch.”

8. Make sure that your slump is not related to a physical imbalance, it is easier to get a physical pick-me-up than an emotional or spiritual.
Take some extra vitamins, eat better foods and get off the stimulants like sugary foods.

9. Remember, happiness, is a choice, so is your attitude.
Decide to get out of the slump, give yourself time, relax, take a vacation and gather yourself for your next “attack.”

10. Have faith and confidence in yourself – sometimes it is darkest before the dawn.

I hope that these steps can help you get out of a slump. Just like the long winter finally finished, so a slump may just go away. Tune into yourself - you may discover that in the stillness of your heart a small voice wants to talk to you.