Monday, May 31, 2010

Pandora – let your hope out

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. Her name means all-gifted and she received many good talents from the gods: beauty, grace, boldness, persuasion and curiosity. It is her curiosity which got her in trouble. She was also given a box (jar) which she was never to open. One day, her curiosity overcame her, and she opened the box. Out flew all the evils such as jealousy, lust, hatred, famine, pestilence and destruction. She became so scared that she quickly closed the box. Even her crying and feeling sorry couldn’t stop the sorrows of men. Then she heard a small voice coming from the box, and she opened the box again. It was a fairy named Hope.

We can all use some hope today. The dictionary defines hope as a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in life. Hope is the feeling that everything will turn out for the best.

“Once you choose Hope, anything is possible.” ~ Christopher Reeve

Today, everybody can use some hope. It gets us from day to day, despite unemployment, foreclosures, dwindling retirement funds, bankruptcies, physical calamities, divorces, illness, etc. Without hope, without some optimism for a better future what is there?

Religious people always have hope because God will bless us with grace.

Many years ago I felt very hopeless. It had to do with a song we sing in German “Am 30. Mai ist der Weltuntergang…( May 30, is the end of the world), created in the year 1954.”  Naturally, it is a drinking song and is meant as a joke.

Then again, today we have predictions like that again for the year 2012.

The best book on the subject I read was by Gregg Braden, “Fractal Time, the Secret of 2012 …”  The reason I like his book is that Mr. Braden gives me hope. He basically says, listen, we have choices to make. If we look at what Pandora let out of the box, we have nothing to look forward to. With hope, we can see the goodness in people; take in account their willingness for unity and solve the human problems with Divine intervention.

That is what I happened to me in the year 1973. Rather than losing hope by observing what was wrong I was led to the teaching of Sun Myung Moon. For many months I studied his “Divine Principle.”  The Principle discovers many essential aspects of our life. We all have questions like “What is my purpose, who am I, is there an after-life, what is the meaning of the Last Days, etc.?”  The Divine Principle answered all my questions and more and gave me hope again.

There are three parts to the Principle.
The first part goes into ideal of creation, describing man’s purpose, his position in the world and how to grow.
The second part talks about what went wrong, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and how they lost their blessings from God.
The third part relates to us the process of restoration and how God and man have worked throughout history to come back to the original position.

Recently, Rev. Moon has written an autobiography, which is now translated in English.  His life has been that of an unusual person.  Misunderstood by many, persecuted and imprisoned, he has persevered through untold difficulties.  I don't think we will ever know his whole lifestory, although the biography is a good start.  It is important to keep an open mind and a prayerful heart.
The original iniative to publish a biography came from a Korean publisher who was visited by Buddha in her dream.  He told her to seek out Sun Myung Moon and learn about his life.  The book became very quickly a bestseller in Korea where most people also had no idea what this man had gone through.

You can also watch a YouTube video:

This brings us to the year 2012 when many timelines insect and the New World can start. It is a time of great hope and opportunity. It is also a time of great responsibility and choices. I would love to have a personal discussion with whoever is more interested in the subject. Please contact me by email: or you can purchase the biography at --> jutta-t. :


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