Monday, November 15, 2010

BAGHA - Ancient Practice of Protection and Empowerment

Since I learned about the releasing techniques, I wondered what I could do to prevent emotional stress in the first place.  Then I received an email from Burt Goldman the American Monk.   He explains that a simple technique called the BAGHA can help.  Here is his video:
Video of Bagha meditation

It is as simple as putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth. This technique is part of meditation practices but can also be used in stressful moments.

Last week, when we were driving to the hospital for my hip replacement surgery, I was sitting in the back seat, pressing my tongue against my front teeth. In my mind I repeated the words – let go, let go, let go. It helped me to stay calm through all the preparations for the surgery and took me through recovery with ease. To the point, that I was discharged one day early, after only 3 days at the hospital.

The Bagha technique is a part of traditional yoga exercises. Here it is used to calm your mind and restore balance to yourself. The beauty of the practice is that you can use it anytime, anyplace and under any circumstances. The idea is to establish a trigger or metaphor to enter a state of meditation anytime during the day, even with your eyes open.

Burt Goldman suggests to choose an animal for your habit or addiction you want to change. Every time the situation comes up, picture your metaphor and say: STOP.

In energy medicine such as Qi Gong, when you touch the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth with your tongue, it is understood to be the energy switch from the male and female energies. According to Dr. John Diamond the bagha helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

“Holistic Healing always starts with the actuation of the Life Energy, the Spirit—the Healing Power Within. Only then can there be the full appreciation and joyful acceptance of the beauty and wonder of life. This and nothing less than this is True Health.”
~ Dr. John Diamond

What are some of discomforts of anxiety?
• Racing Heart
• Heightened feelings of fear or apprehension
• Sweating excessively
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Headaches
• Hot flushes
• Muscle tension and tremors
• Chest pains
• Inability to breath correctly or hyperventilation
• Heart palpitations
• Disorientation
• Fear of a heart attack or that they might be losing their mind

Remember, you can use The Bagha anytime you feel anxious or emotional and of course, when you want to clear your mind for meditation, like the Daisy Pond Meditation.

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