Monday, November 8, 2010

The Lord Directs Our Steps

Prov. 16:9 “The human mind plans the way, but the LORD directs the steps.”

I was reminded of my confirmation quote when I listened to Joel Osteen’s  message this week. I chose that quote many years ago when I participated with many other 16 year olds in the rite of confirmation at our Lutheran Church. It was a guideline for me all my life.

Mr. Osteen’s reference was a quote from:

Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my thoughts than your thoughts.”

He encouraged us to get God out of the box and not limit him in the way He is guiding us today, different from yesterday or thirty years ago.

It is most crucial for us believers today, to get out of our own box of traditional beliefs and concepts. Now is the time for new paradigms and we can’t just depend on old perceptions.

On a more personal note, I have been dealing with arthritis for the last couple of years. Because of an old accident injury, it settled in my right hip. For the past 2 years, I have been trying to find many different natural and traditional healing practices, with no breaking results. I used vitamin therapy, steroid injection, acupuncture, massage, prolotherapy (adult stem cell treatment), ARP Wave stimulation, physical therapy, etc. All along, I have been praying for healing, believing that God could heal me. Then I had to asked myself, what kind of healing do I want, and do I want to walk again (I have been using crutches for the last 6 months because of weakness in the right hip joint)?

Meanwhile, I started Practicing Gratitude. Through this, it became more my focus to surrender myself to God and his guidance; to put away my own ideas. He has set me on a very interesting journey which includes the discovery of how I can heal myself – by releasing emotional baggage first. And yes, also to have hip replacement surgery, because I could accept now, that it was not by my own mistakes that I ended up with a deteriorated hip joint. I will talk more about this emotion release. Right now I am still releasing emotional, cellular memories through a method called the Emotion Code.
The last couple of weeks have been quite remarkable for me. I have become more flexible overall, with no morning stiffness, and almost no pain in my right hip. The joint is still creaking and crackling when I walk but there is very little pain, and I don’t have to take any medication. Honestly, I am not looking forward to the surgery, but I am not scared either. I am submitted to God’s will, and trust that everything will happen as it is meant to be.
By giving up resistance and just letting go of my own expectation, I am healing my energy system and eventually, my body. By letting go of my need for control, I release the stress, which is always internal. Letting go is a lifelong process. I have come to accept the benefit of a practice of release which is as easy as deciding to let go of non-resourceful feelings like worry, nervousness, fear, etc. It takes a certain awareness and willingness to be observant. Whatever we pay attention to, will eventually dissipate. We only have to be patient with ourselves and move into the direction of resourcefulness. The solution is right within the problem, emotions come up, and when observed and felt deeply, will just disappear.

I am reading a book right now, Unleashing Your Authentic Power – Resistance-Free Living by Jim Britt.  He makes it very clear that it is all in our power to overcome negative feelings and eliminate emotional waste. It is just another approach of the Emotion Code.
This is the time where we need to continuously search and educate ourselves in the direction of solutions and growth. More than ever before in history we want to be self-directed and most of all let go of old beliefs, paradigms and stinking thinking.

“We all need a daily check up from the neck up to avoid stinkin 'thinkin' which ultimately leads to hardening of the attitudes."
Zig Ziglar

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Toyin O. said...

Amen, the sky is the limit with the God we serve.