Monday, January 10, 2011

Ancestor Veneration

What is ancestral veneration? It is the honoring of our forefathers, parents, relatives who passed on to the other side of life.  I looked it up at Wikipedia

In light of last weekend’s tragic event in Arizona where 6 people were killed by a young man, who some people believe being mentally disturbed, beside being possibly under the influence of drugs, we have to ask ourselves, what kind of a society are we living in and what kind of children are we raising in this great country of America? Obviously, this is an isolated case, but incidents like these have happened before, which raises even more questions. Are we our brother’s keepers and are American families providing the kind of surrounding and care a young person deserves while growing up?

I like to introduce here a perspective which is not so common, especially in our culture. We are living in this physical, visible world. But we learn through our faith and now also through science that there is also an invisible, spiritual world; the world we will enter after we leave this life here on earth. If you are a movie lover, you may have seen the “Sixth Sense,”  “Ghost,” “What Dreams May Come,”  “The Peaceful Warrior,” or the classic “The Christmas Carol.” The moment we entertain the idea that live doesn’t end when we die, opens many new opportunities, along with responsibilities. I believe that the reason we haven’t dealt with that idea too much, is that we have too many problems here on earth that we haven’t looked there to solve our dilemma.

From my own experience I have blocked out many of the memories of the past because of shame, false pride and basic ignorance. With my German background, I felt that there wasn’t too much to be proud of. But what is a period of ten years or so compared to hundreds and thousands of years our ancestors lived through?

We are all born into a certain family, with a father and a mother. Each of the parents are part of a lineage which some people are trying to research through the registry of their
ancestry. It just became clear to me that we carry not only their physical DNA but also their emotions, thoughts and beliefs from one generation to the next. This has been documented by scientists like Dr. Bruce Lipton but it is also known to body workers like massage therapists and chiropractors that when they work on a person that sometimes emotions are released which makes the patient all over sudden cry or shake or act peculiar. Especially in the healing arts it has become known as facts that many of our “diseases” are actually caused by cellular memories or trapped emotions. Those emotions are usually negative emotions which cause the patient pain and suffering.

I like to suggest here that that young man Jared was acting on some negative emotions which could be his own anger and fears; or maybe Karma of his lineage. Does that mean he is not responsible for his actions? Not at all – he will have to face the consequences of his actions either here on earth or in the afterlife.

“The choices that we make in life are not unique to us. They are a distillation of all that has come before us. The more we become aware of our ancestral lineage, the more freedom we will have to honor what is best and let go of the rest.”
~ Denise Linn from her book, Descendants

Since I have become familiar with the different healing modalities of emotional release and have practiced myself The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson for a few months I have become very compassionate about my own ancestors. Many nights I have been praying, crying, and forgiving my forefathers for emotions which I found trapped in my own body. Surprisingly, many emotions are caused by women ancestors. With low self-esteem, often being taken for granted for their labor, and unsupported in their back-breaking work load, always staying in the shadow of men, they have suffered from depression, hopelessness, and fears with now where to go. Giving birth to children was their greatest pride, only to find that their offsprings also became conditioned and manipulated by society and cultures just as they were.

At least in this country we have now the great privilege and responsibility to heal our ancestors' wounds and with that our own pains. In other cultures they don’t have the same freedom we have here. You may blame yourself for what you inherited but the truth is, it is not your fault nor anyone else’s. By honoring our ancestors and comforting them, they can become our friends and guardian angels. And just like our living grand-parents want to help us and spoil us, our diseased ancestors want to take care of us. By the Law of Attraction, they can only do that if we love and forgive them. What we appreciate, appreciates (increases in value).

The beauty of the emotional release therapy is that we can let go of the negative feelings once and for all, and at the same time liberate our ancestors.  As we acknowledge our spiritual nature within us, we can also accept our human-ness.  This allows us to be compassioned with ourselves and the lineage which we are part of.
There is an interesting book out there which I have not read yet but which makes so much sense: we can heal our family patterns. 

“The character and experiences of our ancestors shape our lives in all sorts of ways. Scientific studies indicate that a far greater range of psychological traits come down to us through the generations than was previously acknowledged. David Furlong aims to show how important it is to heal the family patterns from past generations that continue to affect our lives today. By learning to connect with these energies from the past, he argues, we can free up and balance their impact on our lives and on future generations.”
~ Healing Your Family Patterns by David Furlong

It is interesting to know that other cultures, especially the Oriental countries and African tribes have set aside special days and ceremonies where they honor their dead.  This is not to be confused with ancestor worship. Before Halloween became so popular in the West we used to celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st or even our Memorial Day is not just to honor fallen Heroes but anybody who came before us.

I truly believe that it is our responsibility today to learn and practice emotional releases to free ourselves from the past, our own and that of our ancestors. That is the only way to meet our God (who is the ultimate ancestor) and be prepared for His Second Coming.

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