Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Calm Your Restless Legs

If you ever had restless leg,  you know how uncomfortable it feels. Especially, when you try to go to sleep, you want to find a solution quickly. If this is a recurring problem, you want to consult your physician.

Rather than taking medication, or even applying a cream, I suggest using a foam roller. I learned this method from Dr. Ben Kim, a naturopathic doctor from Canada. He points to acupressure points under the knee. In the soft tissue behind the knee which is called popliteal fossa  there are acupressure points related to the gallbladder. By putting the foam roller under your knees and raising the legs up and down you can feel the pressure behind your knees. It also stimulates some lymphatic vessels, the politeal vein, blood circulation and other nerve endings, and therefore, benefits the whole leg. 

Here is a short video from Dr. Kim’s website:

Foam Roller 17x6x6

I apply the foam roller every night before I go to sleep. Additionally, I do my exercise routine at the gym, watch my diet and take my vitamins. Some physicians also encourage losing some weight to eliminate any discomfort.

I very like all the suggestions Dr. Kim gives and subscribe to his newsletter.  He often sends recipes from his native country Korea, modified to a more healthy living.

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