Monday, May 30, 2011

Principled Counselor Technique

 A few nights ago I had a dream.  In the dream I had tied a few balloons filled with helium on strings and let them fly like a kite.  When it was time to pull in the balloons, I noticed that there was an object tied to the strings of the balloons.  As I pulled the object closer and it became bigger and bigger, the object became a white Mercedes  I could clearly see the Mercedes symbol, even though the shape of the car was different than any I had ever seen.  The car was white, with a square shaped top.  There were four people in the car and as it landed on the ground, the doors opened and they came out.  I awoke from my dream at that time.
I wondered about the meaning of this dream, as I had never “pulled anything from the air.”

When I read a few days later about the “Invisible Counselor Technique by Napoleon Hill” I took that as a hint for me to be more visionary.

I remember reading about this technique in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich.”  In the 14th chapter of the book Mr. Hill talks about the sixth sense.  He dedicates a whole paragraph on “Let Great Men Shape Your Life.”  He admits that he didn’t do it out of hero-worship; rather his admiration for the men in his counsel became so “real” that they not only became a great source of inspiration and advice for him but as he puts it, “they took on a life of their own.”  Mr. Hill conducted these counsel sessions for years to build his own character and to overcome various insecurities based on his youth.  It became a task of rebirth and contributed greatly to the enormous success he encountered later in his life.

I have since then set up my own “Invisible Counselors.”  Every night now, I envision my circle of influence:  The True Parents, Father and Mother Moon, in the center of the circle.  On the male site, I have seated: Jesus,  my ancestor Christian who lived during the 18th century and Napoleon Hill.  On the female site, I have: Mother Teresa,  and my grandmother Elisabeth who became 97.
I tell them my desire is to become a more wholesome person who wants to discover her true passion and how to apply it to serve others. 

My focus is to be more assertive (accept my feelings in the moment without getting arrogant or self-righteous), fun-loving, passionate, to better communicate (be expressive and creative) and be energetic (full of life and even take risks).  That’s quite a mouthful but in our imagination we can envision anything we want.
I will add more people to my circle as needed.  I am hoping that they can supply me with internal wisdom and guidance beyond my imagination and allow me to live a purposeful life.

Another self-help guru, Brian Tracy, suggests that when you begin to dream big dreams, your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence go up immediately.  You feel more powerful about yourself and your ability to deal with what happens to you.  The reason so many people accomplish so little is because they never let themselves lean back and imagine the kind of life that is possible for them.

This inspired me to dream again.  It also reminded me of the “Pink Bubble Technique,” which Shakti Gawain described in her book “Creative Visualization:”
This meditation exercise is simple and wonderfully effective.

Sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, slowly, and naturally.  Gradually relax deeper and deeper. 
Imagine something that you would like to manifest.  Imagine that is has already happened.  Picture it as clearly as possible in your mind.
Now, in your mind’s eye, surround your fantasy with a pink bubble; put your goal inside the bubble.  Pink is the color associated with the heart, and if this color vibration surrounds whatever you visualize, it will bring to you only that which is in perfect affinity with your being.

The third step is to let o of the bubble and imagine it floating off into the universe, still containing your vision.  This symbolizes that you are emotionally “letting go” of it.  Now it is free to float around in the universe, attracting and gathering energy for its manifestation.
There is nothing more you need to do.

Let’s explore more possibilities of spiritual growth and infinite learning.
WARNING:  You can look for certain outcomes but don’t be disappointed if you are focused on a specific goal and it wouldn’t appear the way you imagined.  Always allow things to happen for your ultimate good.  (Infinite intelligence – God – knows best what is beneficial for you in the long run).

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