Monday, June 27, 2011

Following the Path of Least Resistance #2 – Core Values and Principles of Life

This is the second part of Following the Path of Least Resistance:
Core Values
Focusing on these core values helps us to make better choices.  Without finding these core values we cannot live in accordance to our highest spiritual truth.  Core values allow us to align ourselves with our internal truth, with God and the universe.  They also help us to find our purpose in life. 

Choose 3-5 values which are important to you.  List them in accordance to what is most important to you.

Here are some examples:

Adventure, Balance, Confidence, Control, Creativity, Discipline, Education, Faith, Family, Financial, Security, Friends, Freedom, Fulfillment, Forgiveness, Fun, God, Growth, Happiness, Health, Hope, Honesty, Humor, Independence, Integrity, Kindness, Knowledge, Marriage, Peace of mind, Power, Progress, Reason, Security, Self-reliance, Service, Spirituality, Strength, Success, Truth, Wisdom, etc.

 “There is no higher religion than human service.  To Work for the common good is the highest creed.”
~ Albert Schweitzer

For myself I chose peace of mind, connection to God, marriage, and service.  I am working on being more passionate.  I realize that these choices are a lifetime endeavor and may unfold differently than I expect.  As long as I concentrate on these values and allow the creative process to recreate me I will be a better person day after day.

“Miracles happen, not in opposition to Nature, but in opposition to what we 'know' of nature."
~ St. Augustine

Principles of Life
I am referring here to universal principles which govern every aspect of our existence which I have learned through the teachings of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon  who wrote the “Divine Principle” received by him through revelations from God and Jesus and high spiritual world.  These spiritual principles are operating in the same precise, predictable and unchanging way as physical laws.

Spiritual principles make no distinctions, judgments or determinations based on age, color, creed, education, gender, geographical location, religious preferences, or social status.

* There is only one God, the parent and creator of all things (law of oneness)

* God exists as a duality of male and female, internal and external, yin and yang (law of duality).

* Everything in the universe consists of energy.  Energy can be transformed into different substances like gas, liquid, solid or consciousness and becomes multiplied through give and receive action.

* Principle of growth – all creation has to go through a growth process to reach maturity or completion.  Every growth process goes through formation (germination), growth and completion.

* Man has free will – contrary to the animal world which only has instinct, man also has intuition.  Some people call it the 6th sense but we know now that there are 5 more senses, the spiritual senses, corresponding to the 5 physical senses.

 * God is pure consciousness, energy, and love.  Man became disconnected from God and his love at the “Fall of Man.”  Throughout history, God has been working with men to restore that relationship through religion and spiritual teachers.

* History – is “his story” (God’s story to reconnect to men). God has been working through the different religion.

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….and many others

Spiritual growth and personal development is the main focus of this blog.  Spiritual growth entails similar aspects like physical growth – we need food and water (word of God or principles), air and sun light (love), and good deeds (vitality elements).

Let core values and life principles guide us to achieve that spiritual growth.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for the information, and for being my first friend here on Blogger. The values most important to me are Health, Self Development, Truth, Happiness, Security :)

RaySolution said...

thank for joining my blog. we certainly share the love and interest in the same books and topics.