Monday, March 26, 2012

I am Introverted and I love It

I have been watching a video by Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

“Solitude matters, and for some people it is the air that they breathe.”
I have been able to fully identify myself with her.  Especially, when she opened that suitcase and pulled out all these books.  Reading has been a favorite pastime all my life.  I became more interested in identifying the different personalities after I participated in a seminar where Robert A. Rohm gave an enchanting presentation.
Definition of an introvert: 
An introvert  is typically more concerned with internal aspects of life and prefers thoughts and ideas over people and things.  An introvert recharges his energy by being in quietude.  That does not mean that he is shy, it’s just her interests are more in learning and listening.
I learned about introverts and extroverts:
Robert A. Rohm, the author of the personality insights presented his experiences by showing us the DISC model.  He teaches us that we are foremost Outgoing or Reserved people. The other classification is that we are either Task oriented or People oriented.  Obviously, there are many people who are multi-faceted but once we can understand the basic personality aspects it becomes easier to understand people.  Florence Littauer, in her book Personality Plus made similar observations.
Accept who you are:
We are all created as unique individuals.  For us to get along with others, it helps to understand ourselves and accept who we are.    I can see clearly where our society is breaking down.  If we just relate to each other horizontally, there is no connection and we don’t have a common base.  The only way we can see that link is by connecting vertically with our creator, God.  There, we discover universal principles.
Character or Personality?
We are born with a certain personality while we acquire character over our lifetime.  When we can live according to our given talents and are allowed by our parents and society to develop our God-given potential, we feel happy.  With the right kind of values and vision for our lives we can cultivate our character to become members of our society who are kind, serving and concerned for the welfare of all.
Opposites attract each other
When we talk about personality types we don’t value one over the other.  In fact we discover that opposite personalities attract each other.  The quiet, internal personality is attracted to the outgoing, people oriented person.  With right kind of understanding they complement each other and make best marriage partners or colaborate well together in the work place.  By striving to find our true self and accepting each other for who we are at the core we become more authentic.
Here are some of the 10 myths about introverts:
They embrace solitude.
They let their fingers do the talking. Expressing themselves through writing.
They express calmness in face of challenges.
They focus on depth.
They think first, talk later.
If you are an introvert, enjoy your solitude, your quiet times, and your books.  Or if you know an introvert let him have his private space.
An introvert is not depressed or negative when she wants to be alone.  Many gifted people are introverts: theologians and philosophers, scientists and inventors, explorers and researchers, just about quarter of our general population.  How do introverts manage in our so extroverted world?  Watch Ms. Cain’s video or read a book called The Introvert Advantage by  Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D.
The real issue is that we understand that we were hardwired from birth to focus inward.  Isn’t it sometime more important to talk less but to communicate more?

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