Monday, August 27, 2012

Let Your Light Shine like a Lighthouse

Big Bay Lighthouse from the East
During our summer vacation we spend one night at a historical lighthouse.  I enjoyed very much the beautiful evening and morning we spend at the Big Bay Lighthouse.

Original Fresnel Lens
The lighthouse has a grand view of Lake Superior and is located about 25 miles north of Marquette in Michigan.  The lighthouse was still in use until 1950’s and still shines its blinker every night into the vastness of the lake.  I went up the tight spiral staircase unto to the platform and enjoyed the gorgeous view.  Later I watched the tower from the ground shining its beacon and competing with the full moon.

Lighthouses in the 19th century and even until GPS navigation systems became popular had a very important role of safeguarding the coasts and bringing the ships home out of harm’s way.  At the lighthouse which is now a bed-and-breakfast inn we saw a replica of the  3rd Order Fresnel Lens.  It is a special lens which can project light in all different directions with a wide reaching beacon.

Small Sculptor on the grounds
For the keeper of the lighthouse and their families it was a lonely job, far away from any town or other neighbors.  It was not an easy life with many dark winter nights; and some people just couldn’t handle the loneliness or other struggles.  It is therefore not surprising that a gruesome murder was committed there which was recorded in a book and movie “Anatomy of a Murder.”


“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”
~ Matthew 5:16


my husband sitting in the library of the Lighthouse Inn with a replica of the lens on the table
Many thoughts went through my mind while we were over-nighting in the lighthouse.  The lighthouse has been a symbol of the Christian faith, as the blinker represents also a warning sign or to flash a special message.  This is certainly a time where we need to pay attention to the many warnings of everyday events.  When tragedy strikes we have the choice to take it as a wake-up call that we as humans have to change our ways.  We can’t just go back to our old habits which have contributed to the mishap in the first place.  Truth proclaiming prophets have always been rejected and laughed at but in times of disaster we better connect with the higher authority of our creator.  That's why I like the symbolism of the lighthouse because we all can be a shining light unto our fellow men.  This is the time for the “good news – the breaking news.”  Men has been living without the guidance of God for too long that’s why the world is in the shape it is now. 


In the past America has been the shining light for the world.  Immigrants came from all around the globe to find a safe haven in this country.  America had a status of opportunity and infinite possibilities for all those who decided to work hard and serve their fellow men.  At this point I feel very hopeful for this country if we walk with the ideas of the founding fathers to draw God into our lives and consult him in all of our affairs.

For me the Divine Principle has been full of the breaking news.  It not only explains about the historical time we are living in through parallels of historical events but it also gives a clear blueprint of human relationships and how we can create a better world.


With that I want to be a shining light and Lighthouse for those who are in darkness and loneliness.  This is a time where we don’t just have to accept current circumstances but rather ask and question the infinite intelligence of God for our purpose and greater fulfillment. 



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