Monday, September 2, 2013

My Labor Day Project

Labor Day 2013
As the days were getting cooler, I had planned to re-arrange the raspberries in my yard.  Since I didn’t have a good harvest for a few years, I decided to replant the whole patch.  My plants are all summer-bearing raspberries.  As the rest of my garden is in raised beds, I started to build boxes for the raspberries as well. 
Spring 2011

Here are the instructions which I followed:

Two boxes were done in the spring.  When I filled the boxes, I used topsoil, fertilizer 10-10-10, Acidifier for soil, some peat moss, and compost from my garden. 
The two rows on the left were the spring-planted, and they showed a little better yield than the other side (right row).  When I replanted the right side this fall, I cut the canes back to about 12-15 inches, with just a few leaves remaining on the canes.  I discarded all the old canes (brown and woodsy), and any plant which looked meek. 

With all the work, I hope that next year’s harvest will be plentiful again.

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