Monday, April 28, 2014

Intentions versus Goals

While we were discussing the “Universe of Possibilities,” (chapter 2 of the Art of Possibility  one member of our small group discussion insisted that we need concrete goals to achieve any kind of objective, not just have wishes and ideas and think of possibilities.  He pointed out that we need to get out of the “la-la” mentality and not only have good intentions.  Being an engineer, he is used to laying out plans clearly and realistic.

Not until a few days later I became aware of a good explanation how goals and possibility fit together.  Here we go:

For a goal to manifest we need a clear decision and a plan.  The intention is created in the NOW while goals are plans for the future.  A goal without the intention behind is an empty wish.  Although we know we can never truly be certain as to the exact outcome of any event, we can be certain about our intent.  The intention is the outcome you want to achieve.

An intention and a dream are two vastly different things. Watch as Cheryl Richardson explains the difference between a "soul goal" and a "head goal." Plus, find out what lesson Oprah learned about intentions.
Goal setting is warrior mentality – conquering and gaining step by step.  Goals take time and discipline to be accomplished.  It is easy to get discouraged and give up.

Intentions are dreams and passion coming from the gut and more spiritual in nature.  Children play-act their dreams and are absorbed by a world of phantasy which adults often don’t understand.
Goals are mechanic and realistic; intentions are creative and make goals possible.  The difference is in “HOW” – allowing the process be determined by the universe by surrendering the outcome.  We are not in control on how it should happen but BEING certain that it will happen.   Allow the magic of the universe to surprise us.  Create the definite intention for the outcome and surrender the process to the universe.  Intentions come from the heart, goals come from the head.

Dr.Wayne Dyer wrote a book “The Power of Intention:”

The “Power of Intention” is related to the “Law of Attraction.”  Dr. Dyer has pulled together the ancient spiritual principles in order to help us realize our unlimited potential and explore infinite possibilities.

“Inch by inch, life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life's hard.”
~ John Bytheway

In my own life I have made plans and have created goals which ended very often after a short time because I became discouraged or ‘somebody’ talked me out of it.  I know now that with a well-defined intention I can build up my way to achieve any goal. 

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