Monday, April 21, 2014

Let Us Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus

Resurrection and springtime are very closely connected.  One may not believe in the resurrection of Jesus which is celebrated worldwide on Easter Sunday, but one cannot deny the magic of the reawakening of creation, especially after a long and hard winter as we had this year.

In this sense we are all reawakening during the months of April and May, rejoicing in the appearance of the green grass, the flowers, and blooming trees.  In spring it is easier to open ones heart to new and fresh ideas.  The creator has put a lot of effort into the process of the first season after winter.  The course from dormancy to new life is truly a miracle which we can experience in our personal life as well.  In this sense we can discover and look forward to something new and exciting.

Would you Recognize Jesus?

I was reading an article in the Whole Living Magazine Mar/April 2014 issue by Betsy Whitfill which posed the question “Would you recognize Jesus?” She talks about that every tradition, religious and non-religious, expects the return of their teacher with a new revelation: Christians expect the return of Christ, Jews the Messiah; Muslims await the Imam Mahdi, Hindus Sri Krishna; Buddhists await the 5th Buddha, Maitreya. Certainly, the time we are living in could benefit from a heavenly messenger and show us how we could live more peacefully together. Ms. Whitfil emphasizes that it is crucial for us to recognize this herald if we want to determine humanity’s future in a positive way.

Discovering Who was Jesus – and Who is Jesus

Even for those of us who were raised in a Christian Church there are many things about Jesus which are not easily understood.  That’s why I appreciate an article I read on the “Real Easter.”  Some Christians believe that Jesus had to die for us so that we may experience resurrection.  As the Son of God he was able to forgive “sins” while he was on earth.  His main mission was to teach people about God, the heavenly Parent.  Going beyond the 10 commandments of the Old Testament Age, Jesus' message was condensed into two phrases: Love God, and love your fellow men.

“Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”
~ Matthew 22:37-39

The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who met Jesus when he was only 16 years old, gives the deepest account of the life of Jesus Christ.   He had several personal opportunities of meeting Jesus and consulting on very profound events during Jesus’ life on earth in regards to his physical family, his relationship to John the Baptist, and why he had to go to the cross.  When we learn more about Jesus’ mission, we can certainly be better prepared for his return.

How do we Experience Resurrection?

Even though some people believe that Jesus resurrected physically, I believe that it was Jesus’ spirit that was raised.  For us to know the process of resurrection (Sect.II:1) is to learn about the heart of God which is equal to salvation or restoration.  For that to take place we need a physical body to do good deeds, we need the word or the truth, we need to go through a growing period, and finally we need the benefit of “Merit of the Age” which means to be born based on the groundwork of many saints and sages and righteous people who have broadened the foundation of heart. 
A few months ago I wrote a book review of “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander who had a near-death-experience (NDE).  He is urging all of us to become aware of the fact the time has come for all people to know God and to feel that we are loved by this Heavenly Parent.

May you experience the joy and the peace of resurrection and renewal this Easter.  This spring season is perfect timing for not only believing in the resurrection but to experience it ourselves.



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