Monday, January 28, 2008


Rebounding is the exercise on a mini-trampoline. Bouncing up and down is fun. Children do it naturally when jumping on a bed or sofa. For therapeutic benefits I use a quality rebounder with longer springs, not just the cheap one from the department store. It measures about three and a half foot from side to side and can be easily stored behind a door or under a bed (mine has folding legs).
I first heard of it from Linda Brooks ( She gave a certification workshop I attended back in 1997.
Ever since, I have enjoyed this health beneficial exercise. In only a couple of minutes of bouncing I can stimulate my immune system. The lymph system flashes out toxins and impurities from the body. I bounce as often as I can during the day and never get a cold. The immune system will multiply the white blood cells to strengthen my immune defense and keep viruses and bacteria away.
Rebounding has some other applications. By jogging, jumping, twisting and sprinting I strengthen my bones and create aerobic movements. Along with a healthy diet this can lead to loose weight. Astronauts have been using it after space flight to regain bone mass.
It is very safe for any age, since Needak ( has a holding bar available for stabilizing.
Because it is a whole body exercise, every cell of every part is bouncing at once.
One of my favorite aspects is meditating on the rebounder. Along with deep breathing this is invigorating and energizing. More about this in an other blog.
For more detailed information on rebounding, see
Our body is a miracle created by God; let’s take care of it well.

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