Monday, February 25, 2008

St. Louis – Here Comes the TEAM

I just returned from St. Louis were the TEAM put on a leadership conference. The TEAM is a leadership development service provider which teaches through seminars, books, audio and personal mentoring powerful principles for life.
On Thursday morning I had the most awful feeling of gloom and negativity. It came on when I listened to some coworkers about the weather and some general complaining. Around midmorning I was still struggling, when a customer approached me. His whole demeanor was negative and accusing. I tried very hard to help him and absorb some of this negativity. Even when I went home that evening, I wasn’t in the best mood yet.
Then a Toastmaster’s meeting was canceled because of weather conditions.
Friday morning came and we were to leave for the conference in St. Louis. It had snowed during the night and then sleeted and rained on top. The road conditions were not so good according to the weather channel. Then I discovered that the actual announcement weren’t always focusing on the same area and what we were hearing wasn’t really happening in St. Louis or our area but somewhere else in the country.
We finally left Cincinnati at noon, going the southern route through Louisville, Kentucky; Jasper, Indiana; Mount Vernon, Illinois and to St. Louis. It took us a little longer since we encountered some rain in the beginning. We got to St. Louis 7 ½ hours later.
The excitement and the warm welcome of the TEAM were overwhelming. We heard stories of cancelled flights, lost luggage and so many different ways members had traveled to St. Louis. Everyone had their own amazing story how they got there because they were determined to get there for this important meeting. The conference didn’t disappoint us. The information was powerful, entertaining and uplifting. For more information about the TEAM, please go to the website: To learn more about the featured speaker Dr. Robert Rohm and his Positive Personality Profiles, see:

St. Louis was ready for the TEAM. During our stay I could experience such wonderful hospitality from the city. They had just experience adverse weather conditions but were showing us the warmest welcome. The Metro system in the city was closed for repair over the weekend. Instead they had not only free shuttles from all the different hotels to the convention center but had personnel at every street corner. Everyone was friendly and giving clear directions.
Our hotel staff was also most hospitable. My husband and I went on Sunday morning to have breakfast at the hotel. We were inquiring about the price of the breakfast which was quite high but it was a buffet. As it turned out the server gave us a discount by charging us for only one breakfast.
The same happened when we paid for our bill at the front desk. We stayed for two nights and thought they would charge us for two days parking but the charge was for only one day. We were wondering why and just accepted it as a special blessing.
I believe the TEAM left a good impression when we were there last year. The positive impact the education of the TEAM system has on its members resounded in the ways we were treated in St. Louis. This really shows that if you treat people well they will not only respond but treat you well, too.
Regarding the feeling of gloom I felt Thursday morning I am glad I didn’t give into it. The sun will always come out again – sometimes we just have to push though everything and find the good and disregard our personal feelings.

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