Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Project

Fall 2008

I had plans for this landscaping project for a while. Last year I was health-wise unable do it. In the spring I missed the planting season. When the end of summer came along (at least by the calendar in September), I knew it was the right time.

I had hoped that my son could help with this work, but he had to work that weekend. I started to move some soil on Thursday and then again on Friday. By Saturday morning I was in full swing. Because I wanted to sift the soil to find the hidden bulbs of tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, etc. it became a big job to move the soil. It was also hot and became hotter as the day went on. Many times during the whole project I thought of just stopping and doing it “some other time.” I had a certain picture in my mind and I also looked at the neighbor’s front yard and how pretty it looked, and I just couldn’t stop. So, I just took some breaks and continued.

Every once in a while my husband (he has a physical condition which does not allow him to do such kind of work) came out and encouraged me. He also helped me fix my sifter. After I bought a new piece of hardware cloth from the hardware store, he helped me put it back on the old frame.

By Sunday morning I could see the end of the groundcover go to my compost pile. We had to make several trips to Home Depot to purchase the bricks, since we have just a regular car and could only get 20 at a time. I had calculated 50 or so. Well, we ended up needing 82, since there is such a slope and we needed 4 layers on top of each other at the lower side.

The moral of the story is that we need perseverance to finish any project and be willing to encounter any setback as a stepping stone. Because of my determination and commitment to get this project done, I found energy and strength within myself which surprised me.

I am very pleased with the end result after I planted some hardy plants for now and a lot of blooming bulbs for next spring. I am looking forward to see the daffodils and crocus bloom next year.

Spring 2009

I hope that in the years to come I can add bulbs in the Fall and it will fill out more. (4-16-09)

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yusun said...

mom! i feel bad that i didn't notice your project the last time we came (although we were a bit distracted by the power outage). the landscaping looks beautiful! you are so amazing!!!!