Monday, September 29, 2008

Windstorm, Blackout and Reading Books

On the tail of hurricane Ike, we had a devastating windstorm on Sunday, September 14, 2008.
During the windstorm some the trees in our neighbor’s yard were swaying back and forth, at times almost horizontally to the ground. But they always went back ready to bend again with the next gust. Those trees maybe lost a few branches or leaves but they were firmly grounded. Then there were those which bend and snapped. Other trees were uprooted. Besides the damage I tried to find a lessons form the trees. The flexible trees are like people who can go with the flow, who can accept situations and new circumstances without complaint. The second ones are those who get bend out for shape by any unexpected event. Some people get disoriented and confused if things are not the same as they plan or what they are used to.

The result of the windstorm was that we had a blackout in Ohio. Some parts were out of electricity for a week, we were for five days in the dark.
We cooked outdoors, put extra ice in the freezer and refrigerator, used the cell-phones, and went to bed early. But there was still extra time which I usually spend on the internet and sometimes watch TV.
What better opportunity to catch up with reading books. I had several laying on the my desk and by my chair. So with a flash light I would reed “The New Earth” by Eckhardt Tolle. I also got to read part of “Bringing out the Best in People” by Alan Loy McGinnis. I certainly could practice some of the principles I came to understand and that is LIVING IN THE NOW. By just accepting any circumstance I was able to avoid confusion and frustration during that week.

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