Monday, November 4, 2013

Discovering the Gap

In our society we talk of all kinds of gaps:  generation gap, education gap, market gap, etc. with the focus on the differences of opposites or the separation thereof.  In this article I want to focus on the meaning of gap in the sense of space or pause.

I was reading a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer “Getting in the Gap,” and how focusing on the interlude between words can bring us into contact with the Divine.  Dr. Dyer explains that the real meaning of our existence lies in the space between our thoughts.  In that ‘no-thingness’ or ‘no-thought’ we discover our inner creative energy.  Through meditation on that ‘void’ we come in contact with the Divine energy which will give a greater health, happiness, relaxation and creativity.

Athletes and artists experience that creative force where thinking stops by focusing on the task at hand.  We may have glimpse of this silence when we are in some activity like gardening, or being in nature.  Meditation can help to stop all thoughts and to pay attention to that gap.  In the book Dr. Dyer introduces the japa meditation which includes the sound of ‘Ahh’ when we are pondering the gap.  Describing the gap takes us away from it (thought form); we need to experience it and will feel the presence of God.

Here is a video, depicting the gap: 


I am happy that I discovered the gap because it gives me another approach to experience my relationship with God.  This is just another way to be intimate with my God.





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